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  • Traveling Solo: A New Experience: Traveling Solo: A New Experience Traveling alone used to…

    Runaway Juno • Storytelling. Adventure Travel. Inspiration.

    runawayjuno.com 28 Jun '18, 6pm

    You’ll usually see more sites and do more activities when you’re traveling solo than with other people. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. There’s nobody to convince or motivate when you want to do something. You can also generally commute faster on your own and make d...

  • Stop answering emails and truly relax

    runawayjuno.com 01 Dec '17, 6am

    These days it’s hard to take more than a couple of days off work because we only create more work for ourselves! With a day or two away from emails they pile up, but it’s important to take time to disconnect, so if you must check your emails while away, limit this only to emails from ...

  • What Can You See in Venice Within 24 Hours?: The truth is that Venice can keep you busy for…

    What Can You See in Venice Within 24 Hours?

    runawayjuno.com 20 Oct '17, 11pm

    The truth is that Venice can keep you busy for a couple of weeks, so you need to prioritize your time while you’re there. However, is it possible to take in the best of this Adriatic city in just twenty-four hours, without getting exhausted or suffering from major whiplash? Yes, it is...

  • Adventure Makes People Happy: Where to go and What to do?: There are plenty of…

    Adventure Makes People Happy: Where to go and What to do?

    runawayjuno.com 01 Sep '17, 6pm

    As we already discussed on my last post, Americans are traveling more than ever, according to the research by the eighth annual Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index by Allianz Global Assistance . Asian women are the fastest growing travel demographic in the world. Travel...

  • Anchorage is a Northern Lights Desetinations: Last week, we drove outside of Anchorage…

    Anchorage is a Northern Lights Desetinations

    runawayjuno.com 14 Nov '17, 1pm

    We drove little bit further north, heading into the mountain area. The light wasn’t too strong but it was forming a shape like a rainbow above the river and mountain ranges. We kind of stumbled upon this area but the scenery here was just stunning. Having the moon on the other side of...

  • Walking on the Annapurna Sanctuary: Resham Firiri, the Fish Tale, and Mustang Coffee

    Walking on the Annapurna Sanctuary: Resham Firiri, the Fish Tale, and Mustang Coffee

    runawayjuno.com 11 Jun '17, 11pm

    A cup of Mustang Coffee arrived from the kitchen in a clear glass with a unique smell. It looked like a cup of coffee, but there was some kind of oily residue on top. We took turns, sniffing this new substance that just walked into our lives. ‘What do I smell here?’ There was definite...

  • Juno Kim of the @RunawayJuno blog writes about the 10 days she spent in #Utsjoki, Lapland:

    Life in Utsjoki: A Town in Finnish Lapland Bordering Norway

    runawayjuno.com 13 Mar '17, 7am

    For Sami people, the international border is just an artificial line drawn by governments. They might have the formal document identifying them as a Finnish or Norwegian, but it is all just land of Sami for people from this region. Traveling between Finnmark and Lapland is a daily rou...

  • My Name is Juno Kim and I'm an Immigrant. I Live the American Dream Now.

    My Name is Juno Kim and I'm an Immigrant. I Live the American Dream Now.

    runawayjuno.com 13 Aug '17, 11pm

    won’t arrive here for another 120 days, thanks to the new regulation of the State Department. So my passport has to be my form of legal ID until it arrives, although I’m an official resident. It kind of feels weird because I just moved to a new country but there was no booklet or guid...


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