1 day ago ... This has to be the biggest piece of bovine excrement to have come out of his mouth. So far. "I can become a prime minister that stands on the ...

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  • Niamah!!!: Faith. The real sense of the word.

    Niamah!!!: Faith. The real sense of the word.

    niamah.com 03 Jun '15, 5am

    He claimed Malaysians are also allowed to freely practice their religions at any location while Americans face difficulty even when wanting to pray. “For the Christians, the Buddhist, the Hindus, you can build a shrine anywhere, you can open a church in any shop lot. “You can even for...

  • Niamah!!!: Umno fuck up

    niamah.com 13 Apr '15, 9am

    "If Umno is talking about improving the people’s standard of living and on how to manage the economy, I think that has always been Umno’s responsibility.”.....

  • Niamah!!!: The Chosen One is among us.

    Niamah!!!: The Chosen One is among us.

    niamah.com 11 Dec '15, 9am

    Phwaaar!!! I never knew that the Chosen One is among us until I read it in the news portal today. Baarger! Damn good la these Umno flers! Unlike we kafir flers who still have to wait for the 2nd Coming. Somemore donch know when.


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