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  • Another great article I found on food 'blaggers'..

    Singapore Food Blogger who demands free meal sparks outrage online

    iamthewitch.com 24 Sep '17, 8am

    Food bloggers who pay a visit to a restaurant without invitation should pay for their own food. In fact, they should not make their identity known to get a fair and honest review of the restaurant just like any normal customers. In the case of restaurants offering free food to blogger...

  • *NEW* Scouring the most famous Shilin Market in Taipei city, Taiwan...

    Street Food in Shilin Night Market, Taipei

    iamthewitch.com 07 Jun '12, 2am

    During our second night in Taipei, we decided to explore one of Taipei’s most famous night market in Shilin . Getting to Shilin Night Market was pretty easy by MRT.The market was just across the road from Shilin Station, and it’s hard to miss judging from the huge crowd along the stre...

  • *NEW* Sunset in Sun Moon Lake

    Sunset at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

    iamthewitch.com 20 Aug '12, 4am

    Mind you, the bus ride was not short. It must have been 3 hours at least from Taipei, but as soon as we saw the first signs of water, our tired eyes lit up. Thankfully the bus itself was comfortable and spacious, so it wasn’t that bad a ride. We alighted at the Sun Moon Lake Shueishe ...

  • Birthday Celebration at Ettamogah Hotel

    iamthewitch.com 15 Sep '15, 2am

    I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages! But every time I got to the process of sorting out the pictures, I was distracted by something else, either at work or at home. But it’s September now and I told myself if I’m still going to blog about Little J’s birthday, I have to do it...

  • Our favourite coffee and breakfast joint!

    Pablo & Rusty's Espresso Bar, Epping NSW

    iamthewitch.com 27 Aug '12, 4am

    If there’s one thing I observed about breakfast in Sydney, it’s that Bacon and Egg roll is a common item in the menu. In KL, breakfast would mean wanton noodles, roti canai, nasi lemak or pan mee. Needless to say, those items are not that easily available anymore, much less in the ear...

  • Pot Luck with Malaysians in Sydney | iamthewitch Food and Travel Escapades

    Pot Luck with Malaysians in Sydney

    iamthewitch.com 18 Jun '12, 3am

    Moving to a new country on your own is never easy, especially when you don’t have any close family or friends there. But knowing this group of people sharing the same fate has brought much warmth and comfort to us – the Malaysians in Sydney. The past couple of weeks had been gloomy an...

  • *NEW* An expensive afternoon tea at Wedgwood Tearoom, #Taipei #food #foodie #travel

    Wedgwood Tearoom at Sogo, Taipei

    iamthewitch.com 03 Aug '12, 2am

    After days and days of having Taiwanese street food , we decided to have a change of taste and went for a fancy afternoon tea session. It was rather impromptu really, since we had a free day of shopping and happened to be in Sogo. While window-shopping, we somehow ended up on the 9th ...

  • *NEW* My first (and successful) attempt at making Chewy Yam Abacus Recipe #food #foodie #chinese #recipes

    Hakka Yam Abacus Beads Recipe

    iamthewitch.com 29 Oct '12, 1am

    Peel, slice and dice the taro before steaming them for about 30 minutes. Mash the taro until soft and smooth, and add in the ingredients in (A) except for the *1 tablespoon of oil. Mix them into a dough and roll them into small, flat beads with a dent in the middle made by pressing yo...