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  • Why Alor Island Should Be Your Next Scuba Diving Destination

    Why Alor Island Should Be Your Next Scuba Diving Destination 15 Jan '18, 3am

    If you are wondering why Alor Island should be your next scuba diving destination, I will share with you the information based on my recent trip there in September 2017. First of all, Alor Island is located in the east of Nusa Tenggara, just after the island of Flores in Indonesia. An...

  • Japan Travel Fair 2018

    Japan Travel Fair 2018 12 Jan '18, 12pm

    For first timers visiting here, you should know that commercial places in Japan is not being promoted here at the fair. This means destinations like Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Hokkaido information booths are not available. Instead, you will see more unique destinations that are not too f...

  • Visit Malaysia Year 2020 11 Jan '18, 10am

    With the Budget 2018 news, an infrastructure development fund was allocated with 1 Billion Ringgit Malaysia (US$235 Billion) to prepare for Visit Malaysia Year 2020. This was a huge amount of money being invested into the tourism sector of Malaysia. Visit Malaysia Year 2020 (VMY2020) ...

  • Here's a list of Things to do in Bario, Sarawak

    Things To Do In Bario 03 Jan '18, 8am

    If you are planning to travel to one of the best natural places in Sarawak, here is a list of things to do in Bario for those heading here. Located in the Kelabit Highlands, in the north of Sarawak, Bario is home to the Kelabit people who have been living here for centuries. The absol...

  • Scuba Diving Expos in Malaysia

    Scuba Diving Expos in 08 Jan '18, 2am

    Tourism - As this underwater sport has grown tremendously in Malaysia and around the region, more people are getting into scuba diving as a leisure hobby. This allows people to visit destinations that cater to diving, as there are many beautiful places in Asia for this. With tourism b...

  • Visit Miri Year 2018 02 Jan '18, 4am

    They want this to be a successful event due to the fact that Miri was selected at the place to visit for 2018. Miri is also a fast developing resort city that offers quite a lot of tourism, only that the place is not promoted heavily at the moment. Niah Caves, just two hours from Miri...

  • 20th Century Fox World Theme Park Malaysia Opening scheduled to be delayed yet again

    20th Century Fox World Theme Park Malaysia Opening 15 Dec '17, 5am

    While the news in December 2017 is all about Disney buying over 21st Century Fox, this does not impact the 20th Century Fox World Theme Park Malaysia opening in any way. Construction is still on going and the big question is when will the nee Genting theme park open? In previous press...

  • Bird Watching Places Near Kuala Lumpur

    Bird Watching Places Near Kuala Lumpur 29 Dec '17, 7am

    One of the better places is to do bird watching at the Putrajaya Wetlands area. The drive from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya can take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. The beauty about this place is that you will find lots of migratory birds, marshland birds and also water birds in this 200...

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