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  • Places to see amazing Street Art in Malaysia.

    10 Places to See Street Art in 20 Apr '18, 10am

    Penang Island got the ball rolling back in 2012 when the street art phenomenon took off on a huge scale, especially with the help of social media, locals and foreigners were raving about it and wanting to see the art, better still to photograph and share it on their social channels. T...

  • 20th Century Fox World Studio Store Genting Malaysia Official Opening

    20th Century Fox World Studio Store Genting 22 Apr '18, 11am

    Key people that officially opened the store are Paul Baker, the deputy chief operating officer of Resorts World Genting, Jules Vallier, the general manager of design and construction of 20th Century Fox World Malaysia, and Brian Machamer, the senior vice-president of the 20th Century ...

  • Have you visited the many Factory Outlets in #Malaysia?

    Factory Outlets in 19 Apr '18, 7am

    The second largest factory outlet to open in Malaysia is the over-anticipated Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA (MOP) which opened in May 2015. This was the talk of town back then as many consumers in the Klang Valley were excited as it would only take one hour to drive to this new Japanese nam...

  • MIDE 2018 - All You Need To Know

    MIDE 2018 - All You Need To Know 17 Apr '18, 11am

    Hate Crowds? Go early on each day when the event opens. Pick Pockets? There are always unscrupulous people at any expo or event so be cautious. Hungry or Thirsty? There is a mall opposite PWTC and a Riverside Cafe with local food. Toilets? Surprisingly, the toilets at PWTC are quite c...

  • BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet 11 Apr '18, 8am

    While Labuan remains one of the lesser visit duty free islands in Malaysia, a lot of planning is ongoing to ensure that this island turns into a major tourism hot spot in the next few years. The BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet in Labuan is also being built at a cost of RM70 million and b...

  • What are the Airlines that fly to Raja Ampat? 10 Apr '18, 7am

    Ironically, most travelers have a fear of not knowing how to travel to Raja Ampat , but since 2015 and 2016, a couple of local Indonesian airlines have made the journey here much more easier. Connectivity is no longer an issue as there are daily flights into the city of Sorong, where ...

  • Raja Ampat Airport Review

    Raja Ampat Airport Review 15 Apr '18, 5am

    A premium lounge is also available for business travelers, however, I did not have the opportunity to visit this place. From the outside, it looks really nice though hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to visit this lounge. Toilets are very clean and well kept as they have r...

  • Did you know that there is a Halal Bento Delivery Service in #Japan?

    Halal Bento Delivery Service in Japan 03 Apr '18, 5am

    Currently, the halal bento deliveries are to places like Osaka, Mount Fuji, Toyama, Hokkaido, Yokohama, the two Disneylands and Tohoku. You simply need to visit the website and make your booking according to the area you are at. A delivery fee is applicable based on the area. For deli...

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