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  • Baan Rao, Petaling Jaya - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 01 Jun '18, 2am

    Thai food is something Jien and I have most in common with, among the rest of our favourite cuisines. Flavours are exciting and textures are amazing, which leaves us satisfied more often than not. We’ve heard good things about Baan Rao in Petaling Jaya, said to serve hearty Thai food ...

  • Dear daughter, love mum.

    A Letter To Our Daughter - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 16 May '18, 4am

    We have finally made it to the 40-week mark and it has been an incredible yet challenging journey thus far. I never knew my heart could accommodate so much love until you came along and showed me it’s possible. While I tried my best to keep you safe and nurtured all these months, my b...

  • @jiminnie_xx Iga tu daging. Hahaha. Basically, dia kedai Ayam Penyet kat Curve.

    Warung Leko, The Curve - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 26 May '18, 11am

    During my work trips to Jakarta, I’ve grown to really enjoy nasi padang as well as ayam penyet. Warung Leko serves a good version of the latter and an even better iga (beef ribs) penyet. The ribs were so good – crispy on the outside, generously seasoned and falling of the bone. Absolu...

  • Caffeine Chemistry Coffee, Penang - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 16 Mar '18, 3am

    Caffeine Chemistry Coffee also serves hot food – we tried the pasta with salted egg yolk pork bacon (RM19) and rather enjoyed it. They make this ala minute so it might take time, but you’re rewarded with a plate of aromatic pasta, coated in thick salted egg yolk gravy with bits of fat...

  • Honolulu Cafe, Sunway Pyramid - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 06 Mar '18, 2am

    When I heard Honolulu Café was opening in Sunway Pyramid, I was thrilled because my job no longer requires me to fly to Hong Kong and it’s been more than 2 years since I sank my teeth into those delectable treats. But my joy was short-lived for the queue is said to be worse than the h...

  • Koyaku Japanese Dining, Taman Desa - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 23 Feb '18, 3am

    Like most people, I have my go-to places when it comes to Japanese food but when the option in Bangsar closed, I’m left with little options. A friend suggested dinner at Koyaku Japanese Dining in Taman Desa, which happens to be his go-to spot for sashimi and rice bowls so Jien and I w...

  • Fittie Sense, Bangsar - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 22 Feb '18, 3am

    Eating healthier has come more naturally to me these days; my father jokes that I’m slowly but surely morphing into my mum. It was my yoga instructor that recommended Fittie Sense to me as I’m supposed to refrain from sinful food after a workout session. Fittie Sense is located in Ban...

  • Restoran Ruby, Pudu - Bangsar Babe

    bangsarbabe.com 07 Feb '18, 9am

    Almond paste is a popular tong sui in Hong Kong but it’s rarer to find in KL compared to the first two. Restoran Ruby serves a pretty decent version though I still feel the one from Hong Kong is still better. This was smooth and creamy, and of moderate thickness. You get a nice aroma ...


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