27 Nov '15, 10am

https://t.co/TC1MgPacDk Taste of Mie Special Course Dinner @ Sasagawa, Sheraton Imperial: The fact that Sasagaw... https://t.co/u0F4O3kULZ

Here’s a fun fact worth knowing: Mie is where the famous Japanese traditional martial arts Ninjutsu was born. Which was why the representative from Mie was dressed as a ninja while delivering his welcoming speech. Flanking him are Chef Sasagawa himself and the restaurant’s manager. Blessed with natural waters and mountains in the center of Honshu, Mie is well known for its various seafood and Matsusaka Beef (one of the top three Wagyu) within Japan. There’s no Matsusaka Beef in the dinner course though, or else the price would’ve easily been RM500 or more. Not so feasible if you ask me. However, there’s plenty of imported seafood included in the dinner course such as sashimi, Japanese spiny lobster, scorpion fish and clams.

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