19 Oct '15, 3pm

[Photo] Sparkling Night at Yuna Live In Malaysia 2015 | KLCC Plenary Hall #yunaliveinmy

Okay now is my turn to share with you my photo story at Yuna Concert Live in Malaysia. That night the traffic was real bad due to the rain and TGIF. At first I thought that I would have missed the concert since the starting time is 7pm. Luckily I was not the only one and major of the crowd were stuck in the traffic jam too. Therefore the concert only start when it is close to 9pm. I would like to say thanks to all Yuna fans who came so much earlier for her concert!! Your patience is highly appreciated

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Yuna Mohon Peminat Doakan Cepat Bertemu Jodoh

Yuna Mohon Peminat Doakan Cepat Bertemu Jodoh

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