30 Apr '11, 3pm

Your type of woman :D @Scottish_Saints

I think this girls height is a blessing. I am very short!:) Because of my height it is hard for me to do interesting sports like basketball. That is why i stick to track and this crosscountry. But this women would most likely be an amazing basketball player or track star. So all of you people that say mean things about this women need to stop and thing that this women is an amazing person. Its not like everyone is the tallest women in the world!

Full article: http://edwardkhoo.com/worlds-tallest-woman/


the world's 6th tallest skyscrapercity!!!

the world's 6th tallest skyscrapercity!!!

eforericyong.blogspot.com 07 May '11, 5pm

The landmark tower is the centerpiece of the new Busan Lotte Town and construction is being carried in two phases. The fir...