28 Apr '15, 6am

#FORTEEN Juara Pertama Do-it-Your-Style #beritapanas

#FORTEEN Juara Pertama Do-it-Your-Style #beritapanas

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a unique avenue like this in the musical platform, whereby local artistes can showcase their musical talent while instilling the spirit of volunteerism. Winners will be channelling their winnings to the selected charitable homes that are present with us today,” stated Kartini Kamalul Ariffin, Director of Radio, iM4U fm. “We are truly grateful to be part of the first DIY Style Campaign as it allows us to challenge our creativity with such talented other local artistes participated in this campaign. We are incredibly excited that we get to contribute our part to the community through this campaign,” said Izzul Islam, who performed ‘Sinaran’ by Sheila Majid, as the chosen cover song in the DIY Style Campaign with his group FORTEEN.

Full article: http://www.budiey.com/forteen-juara-pertama-doityourstyle/


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