31 Mar '15, 2am

No Evidence that Harsher Punishment = Less Crimes! By Martin Jalleh

In developed countries, its proven that Capital Punishment alone has limited effect on crime and in the long run, its very limited. What is so special about Hudud from other capital punishment? That Isma makes flimsy claims is easy to understand BUT what makes supposedly :”learned leaders” OF A NATIONAL POLITICAL PARTY do the same thing? Until now, no proponent of Hudud has given ANY material evidence of their plan – all reasons are simply religious. Its one thing to do something for religious reason BUT to do it, WITH SEVERE CONSEQUENCES, ONLY because of religion? When does the governance and leadership begin with these aspirant of NATION’s leadership begin?

Full article: http://blog.limkitsiang.com/2015/03/31/no-evidence-that-h...


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