28 Apr '14, 10am

CKD Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI launched – RM131k

Its a very tough to say it has a natural advantagge over the rest as it isn’t , a Honda Civic is the most unimaginative but safe route, the Sylphy for its comfort, the Focus for dynamics and the Cerato for bang per bucks. Thou I will be heavily critisized, a 2.0G Safety package(and only that spec) is also a strong contender. The Jetta sits in a neither here nor there situation, and remains a strong alternative to the rest. At the time of writing, there is no comment yet, but most likely it will be filled with comments regarding the unreliability of the DSG, It’s something to think about but not to really put you off as there are still satisfied DSG users on the road. But it is VW archille’s heel in Malaysia and it is a serious problem. On a brighter note, it does come with a five-year 24-hour roadside assistance package.

Full article: http://paultan.org/2014/04/28/ckd-volkswagen-jetta-launch...


Nissan Sylphy 1.8 (B17) launched – RM112k-122k

paultan.org 29 Apr '14, 8am

Anyways, its priced extremely competitively in the C-segment range, and against what I think is the most similar car, the ...

Latest Collection Launched! Free Delivery!

Latest Collection Launched! Free Delivery!

dressabelle.com.sg 01 May '14, 4am

Multicolor Kaleidoscope Flare Hem Dress (Yellow) Size S = PTP: 15 to 16 inches | Waist: 13 to 14 inches | Hips: 15 to 16 i...

Volkswagen Group signs off on budget car – report

paultan.org 29 Apr '14, 6am

Reuters has reported that the Volkswagen Group has signed off on the design and basic concept of a sub-€8,000 (RM36k) city...