30 Sep '11, 1am

"A tort is a legal concept, not a dessert." #asklordbobo @cherylchok @syahredzan

"A tort is a legal concept, not a dessert." #asklordbobo @cherylchok @syahredzan

Yet His Supreme Eminenceness must ask out of care and concern: Are you certain you’re mentally prepared for such a punishing occupation? Owning a temple carefully carved out of hours in the gym and nurtured by a disciplined diet of organic quinoa (farmed and harvested by your own bare hands, of course), vegetables (grown on certified non-chemically-leeched soil, of course) and fish (personally speared and scaled, of course) is one thing. But putting your life on the line for someone else? Especially since there is no proof that sacrifices like this make the world a safer place to live? In some countries (Colombia comes to mind), being a bodyguard is a one-time-only experience. You dodge bullets and get knifed in all quadrants of your body only to bounce off the nasty blast of a homemade bomb. All in one hour.

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