19 Apr '18, 1am

#SpinFit #CP100Z Review

I never get the best seal with Samsung EO-IG955 Earphones Tuned by AKG that comes with Galaxy Note8. Keep it in the box since bought it. However, thanks to SpinFit CP100Z – it can see the day again. Yes, I get deeper and perfect seal with CP100Z. As usual, it is pleasant and comfort to wear for long hours. Slightly lesser environment noises again thanks to perfect seal. That’s what SpinFit unique part – 360° rotation helps. This special designed cushion at the centre of the shank allows it to rotate freely 360°. And this make it can go deeper into your ear canal and seal better according the shape too.

Full article: http://www.jayceooi.com/spinfit-cp100z-review/


Asics Noosa FF 2 Review

Asics Noosa FF 2 Review

runningshoesguru.com 18 Apr '18, 1pm

The Asics Noosa FF 2 $140 MSRP puts it in a competitive shoe market with other fast trainer/racer shoes for long distances...

REVIEW: MEAN’s new song with kidkanevil, “Fall Out”, is his best yet https://t.co/jEs3YqRhrX

REVIEW: MEAN’s new song with kidkanevil, “Fall ...

juice.com.sg 20 Apr '18, 3am

For every massively played radio-ready rap single oozing fake-depth and fake-grit, there’s a real one that emanates its ow...

Budget Aluminum ##Headphones #Stand Review

Budget Aluminum ##Headphones #Stand Review

jayceooi.com 14 Apr '18, 2am

Looking for a budget and lightweight aluminium headphones stand? Check this out one – a solid stand by New Bee. Super easy...