16 Apr '18, 2pm

TCBlog: 【Photo】 Le French Festival 2018 Launching @ #GSC Pavilion KL ##lefrenchfestival https://t.co/hVAR8QbtZa

is a place suitable for everyone especially family with kids as you get to have close interaction with the animals by feeding them and patting them at the same time. I've visited this petting zoo two years ago so what I've seen might be different from what you gonna see there. I am guessing you might able to see even more animals than I did last time. Anyway, below are some of the things you can do in Farm in the City. From feeding the fishes, birds, tortoise to hugging the rabbits and see the parrots doing tricks in front of you and your kids. During my visit, we saw quite a lot exotic animals too, I remember I saw a white crow and the cute Dik Dik that looks cute and smart. If you have MyKad, the ticket price to enter Farm In The City is RM32 and RM27 per adult and child below 12 years old respectively. (updated on Dec 2015) [VIDEO] Farm In The City 城の农场 | Seri Kembangan

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