• 15 Sneakers From Amazon That Are Super Stylish

    The Best Fashion Sneakers on Amazon

    whowhatwear.co.uk 19 Mar '18, 4am

    By now you’re well aware of every celebrities obsession with the stylish sneaker trend, but from the look of it, the wearable trend won’t be slowing down anytime soon. With temperature on the rise and sunnier days ahead, we can’t help but see the appeal. Not only are these sneakers co...

  • 10 Sneakers That Won't Make Your Feet Look Bulky

    10 Shoes That Make Your Feet Look Smaller

    whowhatwear.co.uk 19 Mar '18, 4am

    Flattering probably isn’t a word you typically associate with sneakers. But, if you want to avoid purchasing a pair that makes your feet look big and bulky, there are a few key features to look for. First, check the material; you want to opt for a flexible canvas rather than a stiff l...

  • Something you'll want: Alexa Chung-designed "classy" sneakers

    Alexa Chung Superga Sneaker Collaboration

    whowhatwear.co.uk 15 Mar '18, 9pm

    Most obvious statement of the day: Alexa Chung is the epitome of effortless cool. Even cool people want to wear and do as she does, which may be why her namesake clothing line, AlexaChung was a hit from the start, even among fellow celebrities (e.g., Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon, K...

  • The Type of Bag That Never Goes Out of Style

    whowhatwear.co.uk 14 Mar '18, 4am

    We fully support having fun, statement-making handbags in your collection (we're currently craving this one ) but when it comes to the bag you'll reach for time and time again for years to come, you're probably going to want something a little subtler. Enter neutral-colored handbags. ...

  • This is the new cult item from Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton Just Released a Brand New Fragrance

    whowhatwear.co.uk 16 Mar '18, 3am

    Up until recently, Louis Vuitton was one luxury label that didn’t have a fragrance. But in 2016, the brand released seven different perfumes in a range of floral scents, and today a new fragrance has been added to the collection. Le Jour Se Lève , or “the day arrives,” is meant to evo...

  • Louis Vuitton Runway Fall Winter 2018

    whowhatwear.co.uk 07 Mar '18, 3am

    Imagine walking into the Louvre through its glass pyramid entrance to find the museum completely empty. Roped off from the public with a soft energy, minus the sound of clicking heels. That was the experience arriving at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris. Heading down an escalator, up a...

  • 15 Sock Sneakers You Won't Want to Take Off

    whowhatwear.co.uk 06 Mar '18, 2pm

    Now that “dad” sneakers have achieved a full-blown cult following, it seems like fashion can’t get enough of the streetwear trend. Case in point: the clunky shoe’s more polished and arguably more comfortable cousin, the sock sneaker. If you, like many an It girl , are a fan of the soc...

  • There Are Basically 2 Types of Handbags That Will Always Be in Style

    There Are 2 Types of Handbags That Will Always Be Stylish

    whowhatwear.co.uk 15 Feb '18, 6am

    There’s quite possibly no single fashion object more susceptible to the chaotic rollercoaster that has come to be the modern trend cycle than a handbag. Think about it—the carryall that for most is just an afterthought, something to grab on the way out the door, is the easiest for fas...