In 2013, not many achievements were made or nothing too significant took place but it was still a great year. The family bonding among got ...

  • Opus Jay Chou World Tour | vvens.com

    vvens.com 07 Aug '13, 2pm

    While on day three, I was there with the fans club members sitting at the VVIPA (R) row 2! It seemed like I got nearer and nearer to the stage each night! Haha. Although we were only 2 rows apart from the stage, there was this huge gap in between!! The gap was so big that I think it c...

  • One more round of Jay Chou Opus Concert is added on 2 August 2013, Friday! Read my blog for more details :D :D

    魔天倫 Opus Jay Chou World Tour 2013 | vvens.com

    vvens.com 30 Mar '13, 1am

    The dates are out!! The concert will be held on two consecutive nights, 3 and 4 AUgust 2013 (Saturday and Sunday) at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium. The concert’s sponsors are once again KL Sogo and Carlo Rino. And the tickets price are as such; RM853 (VVIPA), RM753 (VVIPB), RM583 (...

  • Because I’m going hardcore this weekend!

    Because I’m going hardcore this weekend! | vvens.com

    vvens.com 01 Aug '13, 3pm

    It’s tomorrow! Jay Chou Opus World Tour will embark its Malaysia edition tomorrow! I’m seeing Jay tomorrow, and on Saturday and Sunday too! So hard core right!!! :D :D I’m so excited already! See you guys there!!!

  • Making Way to Malacca – Part 1

    Making Way to Malacca – Part 1 | vvens.com

    vvens.com 12 Dec '13, 8am

    I had a very productive weekend just last week. I’ve travelled to Malacca with 20 family members which can be really troublesome and tiring but fortunate enough, it was fun and (tummy) filling. But because we travelled in such a big gang, we did not opt to stay in anywhere too luxurio...

  • Birthday Getaway at Bali, Day 3

    Birthday Getaway at Bali, Day 3 | vvens.com

    vvens.com 17 Nov '13, 4am

    Post navigation ← Previous Birthday Getaway at Bali, Day 3 Posted on November 17, 2013 by vvens Here’s the next post on my bali trip, on my actual birthday :) This was us, a picture at the stairways in the villa. Hahaha I would like to thank the photographer for making my legs look re...

  • 愛你沒差 Love You, No Matter What | vvens.com

    vvens.com 24 Jan '13, 2am

    Another new music video by Jay Chou – Love You, No Matter What. The title in English was given by the officials but I thought my self-translated one previously was a little better – No Difference in Loving You ;p Anyways, here’s the video, some screen captures and the full translated ...

  • Birthday Getaway at Bali, Day One

    Birthday Getaway at Bali, Day One | vvens.com

    vvens.com 09 Nov '13, 1pm

    I’m now officially 25! Haha however, I still haven’t get the feel of if because I haven’t celebrated my birthday party with my girls yet. It will be a few more days to go until Carmen is back from Adelaide! Meanwhile, my smelly boy decided on an impromptu birthday getaway to Bali, Ind...