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  • My thoughts on MH17 | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 17 Jul '16, 9am

    A week later, my partner and I arrived in Thailand. We made our way to the immigrations counter and found hundreds of Russians in the queue ahead of us. They were on their summer holiday too. I looked around and saw their excited faces, and I could feel the anger welling up inside. I ...

  • Things to do in Toledo, Spain

    velvetescape.com 12 Jul '16, 11am

    is an historic city in central Spain, located about 70km south of Madrid. Its impressive history goes all the way back to Roman times and through the centuries, Toledo became a centre of commerce, law and literature for the Visigoths, and later under the rule of Arabs and Castilians. ...

    1. Things to do in Curacao velvetescape.com 11 Jul '16, 11am
  • Aerial view of Dubrovnik

    velvetescape.com 14 Jul '16, 2pm

    is an historic, walled town near the southernmost tip of Croatia. The town can trace its roots back to the 7th century AD and at its pinnacle in the 15th and 16th centuries, Dubrovnik rivalled Venice in terms of trade and wealth. These days, Dubrovnik (map ) is a popular destination f...

  • Experiencing the Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 05 Jul '16, 12pm

    On this, my second trip to Mauritius, I was very excited to have the opportunity to stay there as I’m a huge fan of the Four Seasons brand. I smiled as I walked through the breezy lobby. The unique Four Seasons signature was visible from the first second: a laid-back, contemporary fee...

  • Ten alternative ways to explore London | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 09 Jul '16, 7am

    While I’m not denying that many sights are priceless, I’d urge any visitor to be selective. Try to also discover a “secret London” you can call your own. Why not see your London trip as an organic journey of exploration, each step leading naturally to the next, rather than a hectic bl...

  • Things to do in Curacao

    velvetescape.com 11 Jul '16, 11am

    There are lots of things to do in Curacao in addition to lounging at the beach or going snorkelling/scuba-diving. The best way to explore the island is simply to hire a car and drive around. On my previous visits, I drove to every corner of the island, exploring the little coves and v...

  • Walking the walls of Dubrovnik | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 28 Jun '16, 11am

    is an historic town on the Dalmatian coast of southern Croatia, and one of the most popular destinations on the Adriatic Sea. A UNESCO World Heritage town, Dubrovnik (map ) can trace its history back to the 7th century AD and through the centuries came under the control of, amongst ot...

  • Five reasons to visit Castilla-La Mancha | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 24 May '16, 7pm

    Mention ‘Toledo, Spain’ to anyone you know and you might get a response. Mention ‘Castilla-La Mancha ‘ and chances are, you’ll receive a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders. At least, that was my response when I first saw the name. Hehe! I’d been to Toledo before; an unforgettable...


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