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  • NEW on Velvet Escape: Fun & quirky bars in Gdansk I can definitely recommend! #Poland

    Fun and quirky bars in Gdansk I can recommend

    velvetescape.com 06 Dec '17, 5pm

    is a historic city on Poland’s Baltic coast. The city is known as one of the most beautiful in the country, with a history and influence that extends far beyond its city limits. During my visit, I was just bowled over by the history and architecture of Gdansk . The weather wasn’t grea...

  • The spectacular drive around the Cape Peninsula - the perfect day trip from Cape Town

    velvetescape.com 30 Nov '17, 11am

    The drive around the Cape Peninsula near Cape Town is one of my favourite routes in the world. I’ve driven this loop several times and each time was simply unforgettable. I once watched pods of whales frolicking in False Bay just fifty yards away from the shore. Another time, I stoppe...

  • Things to see in Bari on a stroll around the Old Town

    velvetescape.com 01 Dec '17, 12pm

    is the capital of the region of Puglia and is situated on the Adriatic coast in the ‘heel’ of southern Italy . This ancient city can trace its roots back more than 2,000 years when it was founded by the Peucetii tribe. It grew in importance under the Romans who developed its harbour. ...

  • Inhotim park - where art meets nature in #Brazil

    Inhotim botanical gardens and contemporary art museum in Brazil

    velvetescape.com 01 Dec '17, 12am

    “What’s this Imhotep place about?”, I asked my good friends Claudia and Mauricio as we left Belo Horizonte on our road trip to Rio de Janeiro , Brazil . Claudia laughed and corrected me: “It’s Inhotim ! And it’s a botanical garden and modern art museum in one”. I was intrigued. I enjo...

  • Incredible views from a plane window

    velvetescape.com 07 Dec '17, 5pm

    It’s one of my favourite things to do when I fly: watching the scenery that unfolds outside the plane window. As soon as the plane takes off, I’ll turn on the flight tracking on the entertainment system, put my Sony headphones on and just gaze out the window. During my travels around ...

  • From my Travel Journal - my week in Mauritius

    velvetescape.com 01 Dec '17, 11pm

    I chuckled when I discovered the actual quote. What a difference a few words can make! However , I can totally relate to Mark Twain’s experience with Mauritians; a warm, hospitable people with big smiles, who are rightfully proud of their island’s great beauty. For anyone visiting Mau...

  • Medieval towns and gastronomy in Costa Brava

    velvetescape.com 27 Nov '17, 5pm

    literally means ‘rugged coast’, a reference to the spectacular cliffs and hundreds of coves that line the coast. While the coast is a perennial favourite amongst many Europeans looking for sun, sand and sangria, there’s a lot more to discover starting just a few miles inland in the Ba...

  • Panoramic views from Italy’s tallest leaning tower https://t.co/syWmMD337s

    Panoramic views of Bologna from the tallest leaning tower in Italy

    velvetescape.com 06 Nov '17, 6pm

    This experience inspired me to see the city from above once again – this time from the top of the Asinelli Tower, one of the famous leaning twin towers in Bologna and the tallest leaning tower in Italy. In medieval times, Bologna had an imposing skyline, with more than 100 towers crow...


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