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    Gondwana Game Reserve - a luxurious Big-5 safari game reserve near Cape Town

    velvetescape.com 17 May '18, 1pm

    The light was fading quickly but we were determined to find them. Our guide expertly manoeuvered the jeep around a tight bend and stopped. Silence reigned as the dust settled. I surveyed the surrounding bushes before turning my gaze to the mountains, bathed in a soft pink light, in th...

  • The castles and palaces of Lower Silesia

    velvetescape.com 11 May '18, 4pm

    is a region of vasts forests, snowy peaks, picturesque villages and historic towns in southwestern Poland, bordering Germany and the Czech Republic. Power over the region exchanged hands many times through its history; from the medieval Kingdom of Poland to the Kingdom of Bohemia, the...

  • Read and find out ten places you should not miss in @Armenia

    Ten places in Armenia you should not miss | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 05 May '18, 11am

    Sevan (66 kms north-east of Yerevan) is one of the most popular towns in Armenia because of the stunning Lake Sevan. The lake is especially popular in the summer amongst both locals and tourists. At 1,900m, Lake Sevan is also considered to be one of the highest lakes in the world and ...

  • Lessons my Mum taught me

    Lessons My Mother Taught Me | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 13 May '18, 10am

    My relationship with my Mum has sometimes been tempestuous, especially during my rebellious adolescent years. One thing though that has always shone through the years is her unconditional devotion to and love for her children. It’s her love and devotion, and the many lessons she’s tau...

  • Ten things to do in Birmingham

    Ten things to do in Birmingham

    velvetescape.com 06 May '18, 6am

    1. Visit a few of the magnificent museums and art galleries. The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (BMAG) provides interesting insights into the city’s rich history. The building’s imposing exterior forms a sharp contrast to its bright, colourful interior. The gorgeous staircases, stunn...

  • Guide to the best places to visit in Puglia on a self-drive itinerary

    velvetescape.com 10 Apr '18, 5pm

    is a region that occupies the ‘heel’ of southern Italy and is home to historic towns (many of which have histories that go back thousands of years), diverse landscapes, excellent food and some of the best beaches in southern Italy. The main entry points for most international visitors...

  • A romantic scene in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan

    A perfect place to propose marriage

    velvetescape.com 30 Mar '18, 10am

    She was still smiling, visibly filled with glee, when the man slowly lowered himself onto one knee, his hands never leaving her’s for one moment. Her smile turned into an expression of surprise. I was too far away to hear what he said but it was obviously a marriage proposal. Her resp...

  • The tulip fields of Holland - where to see them and how to get there

    velvetescape.com 29 Mar '18, 6pm

    A walk around the tulips fields in Holland is one of my favourite things to do in spring. There are guided walks that will lead you through a dazzling sea of tulips. The most popular flower-growing area in Holland is around the town of Lisse (30 minutes drive, southwest of Amsterdam),...


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