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  • Walking the walls of Dubrovnik | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 28 Jun '16, 11am

    is an historic town on the Dalmatian coast of southern Croatia, and one of the most popular destinations on the Adriatic Sea. A UNESCO World Heritage town, Dubrovnik (map ) can trace its history back to the 7th century AD and through the centuries came under the control of, amongst ot...

  • Photos of Bologna

    velvetescape.com 27 Jun '16, 10pm

    , the capital of the Italian region of Emilia Romagna , is one of my favourite cities in Europe. There’s just something about this city that keeps drawing me back. Yes, there are the obvious reasons like the amazing food and historic architecture but I can’t deny that Bologna has a sp...

  • Discovering the culinary delights of Modena

    velvetescape.com 27 Jun '16, 9am

    . The town is perhaps most famous as the home of some of Italy’s most famous automotive brands such as Ferrari and Maserati – a tour of the Motor Valley is a must! – but foodies will most likely associate Modena with balsamic vinegar or balsamico. Authentic aceto Balsamico Tradizional...

  • Five reasons to visit Castilla-La Mancha | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 24 May '16, 7pm

    Mention ‘Toledo, Spain’ to anyone you know and you might get a response. Mention ‘Castilla-La Mancha ‘ and chances are, you’ll receive a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders. At least, that was my response when I first saw the name. Hehe! I’d been to Toledo before; an unforgettable...

  • Cool glitz and a phenomenal view | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 31 May '16, 9am

    My room was very spacious, with an equally spacious marbled bathroom. When I finally managed to peel my eyes away from the stunning view, I found an incredibly comfortable Stearns & Foster bed, a working table and chair, a large bathroom with mist-free mirrors and built-in television ...

  • Discovering the South Styrian Wine Road | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 01 Jun '16, 11am

    . To be honest, I’d never heard of this region before until my recent trip to Austria . Situated about a two-hour drive southwest of Vienna , South Styria is a gorgeous region with green rolling hills, mile after mile of vineyards, picturesque villages, wine taverns and lovely, family...

  • Back to paradise! | Velvet Escape

    velvetescape.com 02 Jun '16, 3pm

    I’m super excited about my next trip! It would be my second trip to this amazing destination in the Indian Ocean. I vividly remember my first trip there, back in 2013. On my return home, I wrote a post about my trip and called it ‘What paradise is like ‘, because that’s what it was to...

  • A wondrous Galapagos Islands cruise

    velvetescape.com 24 May '16, 1am

    are famous the world over for their huge number of endemic species and were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle . To be honest, despite my dream to visit this ecological paradise in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador , I harboured some doubts. These doubt...


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