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Acum 2 zile ... Never sell a service or product that you cannot deliver. Never work for someone who isn't as smart as you are. Never work for or with people ...

  • despre relevanta | Una pe zi cu Novac

    unapezi.ro 21 Jul '13, 1pm

    There are days when I wake up and think "I'd like to blow off all of my meetings, go on a long bike ride, have a late breakfast sitting outside at my favorite cafe, and then read and nap all day long." And yet I don't do either. I keep grinding away. Part of it is relevance. You are e...

  • 2014 - ar fi bine daca n-ar fi rau: There is nothing is sight to correct the huge imbalance between the sup...

    2014 - ar fi bine daca n-ar fi rau

    unapezi.ro 12 Jan '14, 7pm

    2014 - ar fi bine daca n-ar fi rau 12 Ian 2014 , comentarii (0) There is nothing is sight to correct the huge imbalance between the supply of digital advertising space and advertisers’ demand. Digital media continue to produce millions of new URLs per day that banners simply can’t mat...

  • Baumol's cost disease...

    unapezi.ro 18 Aug '13, 1pm

    ...involves a rise of salaries in jobs that have experienced no increase of labor productivity in response to rising salaries in other jobs which did experience such labor productivity growth. ... In a range of businesses, such as the car manufacturing sector and the retail sector, wo...

  • despre teama

    unapezi.ro 05 Oct '13, 1pm

    Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.

  • parte-n-parte

    ca la sport

    unapezi.ro 01 Mar '14, 7pm

    ca la sport 01 Mar 2014 , comentarii (0) acum ca tot avem o situatie tensionata in zona gasit aici . comenteaza si tu Nici un comentariu inca COMENTARIUL TAU * NUME * EMAIL * WEBSITE CAPTCHA SCRIE NUMARUL * Profil urban Comentarii recente Onliner pe un grafic interesant neagrigore pe ...

  • remember, remember, the month of movember

    unapezi.ro 04 Oct '13, 8pm

    Movember challenges men to grow a moustache for the 30-days of November, thereby changing their appearance and the face of men’s health. In October Mo Bros sign up at Movember.com, and on the 1st of Movember with a clean-shaven face start their Mo growing journey. Then for the entire ...

  • relatiile dintre prieteni cu copii si cei fara

    unapezi.ro 18 Aug '13, 11am

    relatiile dintre prieteni cu copii si cei fara 18 Aug 2013 , comentarii (0) It is a well-known fact that as you move through adulthood, you will either have kids or not, and your friends will either have kids or not. It is an apparently obscure fact that when you don't have kids, and ...

  • wantrepreneurs

    unapezi.ro 06 Oct '13, 7am

    I'm not talking about the hardworking folks who live and breathe their ideas, sleeping on shared office sofas, paying themselves just enough to scrape by. I mean the rest. Ask them what they do, and they'll say they're working on a startup. Ask them what the startup is, and the answer...


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