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  • About The Blog-Tekkaus | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 07 Oct '17, 8am

    A~ha! You will be surprised if I say that Tekkaus is actually written for all of you readers out there. Yep! You, who is sitting in front of your laptop there. I will always try to write something that will grasp your interest, something that you can relate with. Even with my more per...

  • Digi INFINITE Postpaid With Unlimited Calls+Internet

    Digi INFINITE Postpaid With Unlimited Calls+Internet | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 24 Mar '17, 8pm

    For starters, you can subscribe to Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite which looks more like a mockery of Webe 's Unlimited Postpaid Plan. Just for RM80 per month, you will get unlimited calls and unlimited Internet that's capped at 5Mbps . I thought this is rather unfortunate. Digi should not ...

  • Happy Birthday Ah Gong [PICS]

    Happy Birthday Ah Gong [PICS] | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 24 Mar '17, 6pm

    It is that time of the year again for Ah Gong to relish the precious moments he will be sharing with his grandchildren-birthday. We traveled back to our second home just to celebrate this important day with my father-in-law. In fact, both Jordan and Jasmine were looking forward to cel...

  • via @tekkaus

    Top 10 Benefits of Coconut Water | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 31 Mar '17, 2pm

    They say beauty is skin deep and that is what coconut water can do for you. Coconut water acts as a light moisturizer which reduces excessive oil on the skin. It can be added directly to a bath or being mixed with liquid shower gel or cream. Moreover coconut water has been proven to b...

  • Jordan & Jasmine First Art Class

    Jordan & Jasmine First Art Class | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 26 Mar '17, 6pm

    Both Jordan and Jasmine are quite grown up right now as the former is 7 years old while the latter is turning 6 this year. Yesterday both of them had their very first official, full-fledged art class. I told them that we were going to learn how to draw a house. They were elated to lea...

  • Clever Ways to Save when You Travel

    Clever Ways to Save when You Travel | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 10 Mar '17, 4am

    Now you’ve probably already heard of these but they’re extremely useful for scouring the internet for deals and promotions on airline tickets, tours, hotels and the list goes on. Saleduck for example, aggregates deals from popular local and international travel sites such as Agoda, Ai...

  • Dirds = #Dog + #Birds [PICS]

    Dirds = Dog + Birds [PICS] | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 04 Dec '13, 5pm

    Didn't know that a hybrid between a dog and bird is possible...well...at least on photos. Ha :D Right now 'Dirds' are the Internet's hottest new hybrid animals. A 'dird' has the best qualities of a dog-expressive eyes that can make your knees weak, adorable dangling ears and slobberin...

  • Gaining Knowledge with the Use of E-books

    Gaining Knowledge with the Use of E-books | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 31 May '14, 5am

    E-books are becoming increasingly popular, it’s only fair that the world around us is aware of the process they could go through. This means that they wouldn’t have to physically lug around their books anymore, they could simply download an e-book pertaining to a subject they like and...


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