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  • Will I Gamble In Genting Casino One Day?

    Will I Gamble In Genting Casino One Day? | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 23 Mar '14, 7pm

    I would really relishes my chance of playing in Genting Casino one day . However...there's a catch. Located 6,000 feet above sea level, Genting Casino is not really easily accessible to us Malaysians. I need to drive at least 3 to 4 hours just to knock on their doors. Well...as for no...

  • Dirds = #Dog + #Birds [PICS]

    Dirds = Dog + Birds [PICS] | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 04 Dec '13, 5pm

    Didn't know that a hybrid between a dog and bird is possible...well...at least on photos. Ha :D Right now 'Dirds' are the Internet's hottest new hybrid animals. A 'dird' has the best qualities of a dog-expressive eyes that can make your knees weak, adorable dangling ears and slobberin...

  • Porridge @ Yoke Fook Lau Seafood Restaurant via @tekkaus

    Porridge @ Yoke Fook Lau Seafood Restaurant | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 06 Dec '13, 10pm

    The porridge was oozing with the sweetness of those huge meatballs and fresh fish fillets. I must admit that I had not eaten any porridge as delicious as this for a long, long time. It was really smooth and creamy. When I was done licking my bowl, the pot was squeaky clean empty as we...

  • Christmas Presents For Wifey And Babies

    Christmas Presents For Wifey And Babies | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 24 Dec '13, 10pm

    Yours truly have woke up early to take the Christmas presents out from their hideout to put them under the tree. I am sure (hope) my wife and babies will be surprised (or not). :p I think I have really done a good job wrapping all the gifts right? Haha :D Blowing my own trumpet. But a...

  • Nelson Mandela's 7 Most Famous Quotes

    Nelson Mandela's 7 Most Famous Quotes | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 06 Dec '13, 3am

    Nelson Mandela, arguably one of the most famous men on earth has died at the age of 95 due to complications from recurring lung infection. Nelson Mandela who was the former president of South Africa was famous for his anti-apartheid fight and he was seen as the hero who have liberated...

  • Nissan Almeria-The Best Family Sedan In 2013

    Nissan Almera-The Best Family Sedan In 2013 | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 04 Dec '13, 7am

    Nissan Almera hits the road in 3 different variations: the standard specification E, the well-equipped V and the full-specification VL. Nissan Almera has been built on the all-new global "V" (versatile) platform which uses a lightweight yet rigid body. So Nissan has upped the ante aga...

  • 13 Coolest Gingerbread Houses [PICS] via @tekkaus

    13 Coolest Gingerbread Houses [PICS] | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 15 Dec '13, 10pm

    , the next must have in everyone home to usher Christmas is the gingerbread house! Gingerbread houses are usually built traditionally in a family before Noel using pieces of baked gingerbread dough assembled with melted sugar. Previously gingerbread houses look well...morel like house...

  • Organic Chandelier Turns Your Room Into A "Forest"

    Organic Chandelier Turns Your Room Into A "Forest" | Tekkaus

    tekkaus.com 06 Dec '13, 7pm

    This has got to be the weirdest chandelier I have ever seen in my entire life. Behold a chandelier that is not only organic to begin with, it can magically "turn your room into a forest". Besides being installed as lighting, this Forms of Nature Organic Chandelier is able to unleash i...


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