Hi everyone! :) I know this may be a little shocking but after 7 years of blogging, I' ve decided to make my blog private due to several personal reasons. I still don't ...

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  • Quick Updates

    Quick Updates

    tcmaine.com 06 Dec '12, 4pm

    I’ve been attending events as guest these days instead of blogger. I must say it’s quite different as it’s very… free and easy. Oh, and I also haven’t been bringing my cameras around since I’m not obligated to blog. But I thought I’d do a quick one just to show you and also as a remem...

  • Casio Exilim EX-TR150 HDR Art & Multi SR Zoom // Hat Yai Day Time

    tcmaine.com 25 Oct '12, 1am

    If you fancy a little spontaneity, Hat Yai is a city in southern Thailand near the Malaysian border. One way took us around 2-3 hours, that’s how near Hat Yai is. This trip was planned very last minute and you can imagine, I just got back from Bangkok two weeks ago. Thailand Round 2! ...

  • Stumbled upon the pretty @tcmaine's blog - check out Chez Weng in Penang!

    Dinner @ Chez Weng, Pecinct 10 | tcmaine.com

    tcmaine.com 27 May '12, 3pm

    I think it has become a must for us to dress up and go out for a fancy dinner every time I’m back. This time, it’s not just me, but Joey is back from Aus/UK too! Japanese food was our initial plan but the restaurant was really packed when we arrived. So, we settled in Chez Weng since ...

  • Check out what happened at Oktoberfest, 1 Utama last Saturday here:

    Oktoberfest @ 1 Utama

    tcmaine.com 12 Oct '11, 1pm

    Oktoberfest at 1 Utama was held in a few big tents located at the old wing car park . It was my first time attending Oktoberfest so I didn’t anticipate too much. Turned out the atmosphere under were awesome wild and fun-filled ! I should go for another round, shouldn’t I?

  • she's so pretty... :) Fashion Friday

    Fashion Friday

    tcmaine.com 08 Jul '12, 4am

    I spent my last Friday night celebrating Abigail’s 2nd birthday at Zest Café, Bangsar South. Had their pumpkin soup and also a combo of their two best sellers. Owner told us that they make their own sauces… I’m sold (I’m sold easily, if you realize)! Thank you Jason for inviting!

  • Giveaway: Doublewoot Dress

    tcmaine.com 18 Dec '12, 2am

    My choice would be Ritze Skater (Cream)M Size .I choose this dress for various reasons.First and foremost I find this dress unique,there is no doubt that finding unique clothing in your preferred style is often challenging, This is the type of style I find unique and cute.Besides that...

  • Fashion Findings: Spring, Please Come Already!

    Fashion Findings: Spring, Please Come Already!

    tcmaine.com 26 Mar '13, 10am

    I’m having difficulty completing my last assignment. I’m left with just a few more hundred words and I’m done for this week, but I rather waste the extra time given by day dreaming about Spring with my partners in crime–Tumblr & Pinterest. I really think this is what Winter does to pe...

  • it’s

    Just A Glimpse -

    tcmaine.com 15 May '11, 5pm

    I’m a huge fan of Japanese food, so I jumped on the opportunity to review Mikan Japanese Cuisine when Bryan offered! It took us around four hours to finish our lunch where dishes by dishes of Japanese food was well-served with full description. Their Master Chef uses different “secret...

    1. blog eatingasia.typepad.com 22 May '11, 7am


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