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  • BLOG \ Hey Jibby, You Have A Long Sausage

    Hey Jibby, You Have A Long Sausage 26 Jan '15, 3am

    Hey Jibby, You Have A Long Sausage So sometime back I went and check out Jibby & Co. A somewhat ‘atas’ cafe in a standalone building right at the entrance of Empire Subang. Heard it’s a posh experience to be having breakfast there. Well, it’s true cos the food there is EXPENSIVE! But ...

  • BLOG \ Crab Factory & Antipodean

    Crab Factory & Antipodean 23 Jan '15, 1am

    So many months back we decided to go try this new crab place in SS2 called Crab Factory. We ordered 2 types of crabs, chicken wings, fries, sausages… Hows the food? Let’s just say.. we wont come back again. lol The crab. I also visited Antipodean, which.. at the time.. just opened in ...

  • The Curious Goat Is Curious

    The Curious Goat Is Curious 20 Jan '15, 5am

    One of my favorite cafes in Damansara Perdana.. and one of the earliest ones there is The Curious Goat. Friendly baristas, great ambience.. and most importantly, they were generous enough to let TricycleTV make a lot of videos there. If you have never been, this is how the counter are...

  • #pOpcrap » LA/PA, Lorem Ipsum, Coffee Amo « 18 Jan '15, 2am

    #pOpcrap » LA/PA, Lorem Ipsum, Coffee Amo Popcrap Sunday is basically highlights of my recent Instagrams. So here goes! POPCRAP 1 Check out Coffee Amo in TTDI recently. Super quiet. Prolly cos it’s hidden at one corner on the first floor. Anyway, coffee is good and very insta-worthy. ...

  • BLOG \ Somers May Be The One

    Somers May Be The One 11 Jan '15, 5pm

    Long long time ago, there was a big tree behind the house of a girl named Sarah. Every morning, the tree would look down her house and see her leave for school. In the evening, the tree would see her come back from school. As time goes by, Sara started hanging out the tree a lot more ...

  • BLOG \ What Happened In May, Stays In May

    What Happened In May, Stays In May 16 Jan '15, 2am

    What Happened In May, Stays In May It’s always fun to look at what your life was like half a year ago. As usual, my postings are always 6 months ago. This one, is actually more then 6 months, lol! Not sure why but there are too many photos to post that the updates here cannot catch up...

  • Ba Ba Ba, Baba Nyonya! 05 Jan '15, 3am

    So a few months ago, I was at DPAC for a showcase organised by the awesome NikiCheong and it was a collab between him and a few local artists to tell stories of Baba Nyonya lifestyle via photos. It was also my first time visiting this place! A little intro by Niki. Some of us in a rec...

  • BLOG \ Random Meetups Are Random

    Random Meetups Are Random 29 Dec '14, 3am

    Looking back at the few random meetups I had with friends brought us to these 3. Just sharing this on the blog like how I usually do. Me, Nic, Eugene, Suet, Houzhi, Sam The dinner was at Wondermama, Bangsar Village. Me, Elijah, Tyler. Coffee sesh was at Cosans, SS15. Me, LynnD, KaWai ...

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