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  • "Don't knock the Feng Tau scene" – an essay by Mr. Foaf » 21 Aug '13, 11am

    Anyway, back to the feng tau scene. It’s a really fun scene where people take speed and shake their heads as discos. Some people might dismiss it as an Ah Beng form of entertainment and sniff at it, but it’s actually pretty fun. There is a community of yo kas which look out for each o...

  • bite.jpg @Roseeffingtyler got possessive then pulled this face so i wouldn't get mad

    Love each other as I have loved you 02 Nov '12, 1am

    Lieutenant Dan Taylor says: June 18, 2012 at 1:40 pm Most folks fear about funerals as reason why they go to church. Other than that, religion is almost irrelevant. The same people that cried preached about Jesus this Jesus that are the same that voted corrupt govt every 5 years. Very...

  • Party 21 @ Genting 02 Nov '12, 3am

    admin says: September 28, 2012 at 1:56 pm Hey there bro! :) Yeah, I had fun, I got the invite twice. Heh. I’m a Silver Worldcard holder so I got that on my cell phone via SMS but also an invite from Genting/Nuffnang. You can opt in to invites from your cell, that’s where I get most of...

  • Cheap accommodation, hostels and mixed dorms in London. Latest blog post

    Cheap accommodation, hostels and mixed dorms in London 25 Apr '12, 3am

    Share I love backpacking and one of the cheapest accommodation options you can have in London is living in a hostel. I stayed at Westminster at a place called The White Ferry House . It’s just a 5 minute walk from Victoria Station which was one of the major considerations I had – get ...

  • My girlfriend just moved in with me! Latest blog post - ...and I couldn't be happier.

    My girlfriend just moved in with me! 29 Feb '12, 12pm

    Hi Huai Bin, I have been reading your blog for some time now (and man, you are a great blogger!) and I just wanna say your smile in the photos with Rainie in this post says it all. I think this is the happiest I have seen you ever. I think she is the one for you and I wish you both a ...

  • A very unusual blog post from me. I just wrote it. Happy Easter and the search for God. Yes.

    Happy Easter and the search for God 08 Apr '12, 1pm

    Share Do I consider myself a religious person? No. I’ve not stepped foot in a church for years . However I am quite well versed with the Bible, having read the scripture twice during an unfortunate time when reading material was not readily available. *cough* However, something in Bal...

  • The 2012 Chinese New Year firecrackers and fireworks roundup! 08 Feb '12, 3am

    admin says: February 8, 2012 at 5:19 pm I try to do that every year. :) It’s not the most – I remember one year when I was working in Kuching where I totally went crazy with the fireworks budget – I ordered in advance and had boxes of 3″ shells waiting for me in Sibu. I got a couple o...

  • The story of the little gangster that could. Amazing photos, just got it last night. Latest blog post

    The story of the little gangster that could 10 Feb '12, 2am

    Jason and Willie just got into a partnership and they do a lot of wedding photos and family shots. They wanted to do a high pass shoot – there was a lot of fake blood (which is permanent if it gets on your clothes), location scouting, multiple flash units to light everything up and ea...

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