• life got real

    proudduck.com 17 Nov '14, 3am

    Someone I’m close to is having a real adult dilemma and she has to make a choice that will affect other areas in her life and her future. When she told me, I looked up from my phone to think about it more and tried to analyze the situation objectively. I just couldn’t. It was just bla...

  • Vivy Yusof deserves a standing ovation for her education history.

    my education history

    proudduck.com 21 Sep '14, 4am

    I became popular with the wardens pretty quickly because I used to go back every single weekend (you’re only allowed one outing a month). I’d make up diseases you’ve never heard off, I’d scratch my arm until it’s all red and tell the warden I’ve got an emergency skin disorder, I’d sta...

  • "You guys should try it! Ditch the usual go out and be seen outings and just have more takeaways." #NNReads


    proudduck.com 06 Sep '14, 4am

    Toots, Asma’ and I had big plans to go out tonight and celebrate the fact that Toots is going for Hajj this weekend. But somehow we ended up with takeaway bags and lots of plastic food containers at my place. We all had tiring days so we were like Let’s just hang out at home, I’m too ...

  • I feel you.

    oh my english

    proudduck.com 04 Sep '14, 12am

    I don’t usually do the interviewing for recruitments at FV, but sometimes when no one’s available to do it, I have to stand in and be the interviewer. Not my favourite thing to do because I like people easily and if I have to not hire them, I feel very bad. If it were up to me, I woul...

  • "Choosing a business partner is like choosing a husband. Someone you can see urself with for a long time." Good read!

    lunch partner

    proudduck.com 12 Aug '14, 11am

    Working with or near to your husband is especially fun because you will always have a lunch partner. Unless of course you guys are the cool couple type who don’t flaunt it at work. I’m nowhere near that, what with my blowing kisses and “What do you mean you can’t lunch with me today?”...

  • Suka baca entri Vivy yang ni

    marriage cashflow

    proudduck.com 05 Aug '14, 12am

    Although I have hinted here and there, I haven’t properly announced that my sister got divorced a few years back. Everything happens for a reason and we take everything as a lesson, but my sister has been growing stronger and more independent through the years as a single mom. And Alh...

  • simple question

    proudduck.com 23 Sep '14, 6am

    While Toots is away on Hajj (we miss her terribly), Asma’ and I have been entertaining ourselves with things. Most recently, I was venting out to her about my stressful day and after listening and giving good advice, she said “Ok change topic now. What are you thankful for today?” Thi...

  • this is so cute!!! her son is turning one and her birthday plan for him is......

    daniel is turning one

    proudduck.com 04 Jul '14, 2am

    Tough love, indeed! My dad, as soft as he is, tries to always discipline us sisters and always try to keep our heads firmly on our shoulders. Yes, birthdays are special, but some people take birthdays too seriously that they’re just not good for anyone! Of course he gives us a huge ki...