• this is so cute!!! her son is turning one and her birthday plan for him is......

    daniel is turning one

    proudduck.com 04 Jul '14, 2am

    Tough love, indeed! My dad, as soft as he is, tries to always discipline us sisters and always try to keep our heads firmly on our shoulders. Yes, birthdays are special, but some people take birthdays too seriously that they’re just not good for anyone! Of course he gives us a huge ki...

  • @xAimanNx Check on FV. There's a NH kurung piece Vivy Yusof wore & it's kinda long babe I am! Jom raya shopping

    modern versatility

    proudduck.com 30 Jun '14, 3pm

    We all need lots of Raya clothes foreseeing the many open house invitations all month long. It’s my favourite time of the year, eat eat eat and dress up in our traditional clothes. My only issue with traditional clothes is that I can only wear it to formal occasions, like a wedding or...


    too much time today

    proudduck.com 25 Jun '14, 8am

    Guess who had some free time today! I’ve been trying to sort out my wardrobe, from clothes to accessories to those bags on the floor. Now I’ve got a new category; scarves. And I’m still trying to find the best way to display them. My wardrobe’s a mess! But between work and family time...

  • neji and naruto

    proudduck.com 18 Jun '14, 3am

    Dean and I have completely different interests. I like to shop, he likes to play sports. I like Eastern food, he likes Western food. I like mingling, he is private. I like romcoms, he likes action movies. But somehow, through this almost-8 years together, our relationship seems to wor...

  • daddy isn’t ready

    proudduck.com 04 Jun '14, 7am

    Did I tell you that I went all tough yesterday with parenting? I caught up with a friend at a function and she was telling me how she sleep trains all her children and they now sleep wonderfully at night and they are still happy babies. Just the night before, I was having a tough time...

  • galena

    proudduck.com 10 Jun '14, 11pm

    Saw your husband’s insta that you and your family are in Singapore! Hope the night safari was good! And welcome to singapore! It’s gonna be really hot here (sigh), drink up and have an awesome trip alright!

  • chili pepper

    proudduck.com 01 Jun '14, 4pm

    Wearing blazer from FV BASICS , pants (other colours available) from Ria Miranda , scarf from dUCk , all FashionValet . Inner similar here . Shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti and bag from Louis Vuitton. Posted on June 1, 2014 by proudduck . This entry was posted in fashion and shopping , pd...

  • my lobster

    proudduck.com 23 May '14, 1am

    The downside to an 8-year-couple (almost 8 soon!) who work, play, sleep and eat together is that when one goes on a business trip, the other gets depressed and starts scolding everything. Colleagues, friends, clothes, flowers, walls, anything really. Whenever Dean goes away even for a...