• what’s in your bag? |

    proudduck.com 20 Jan '17, 3am

    “Never look into a woman’s handbag.” That is because you can tell a lot about a girl based on what she carries around with her. If her bag is almost empty, that shows she’s either carefree and easy-going, or she’s super forgetful. If her bag is always heavy and full, that shows that s...

  • ultimate love story

    proudduck.com 18 Jan '17, 1am

    When your mother’s cuticles look better than yours, you know you need to get yourself groomed. So off I went to the salon for a mani pedi session. I was looking forward to some me time and wanting to get my feet soaked in warm soapy water. I was thinking of getting some shut eye while...

  • eating in

    proudduck.com 18 Jan '17, 5am

    One thing you might not know about the New 2017 Vivy? She cooks. Everyday. I know, right. I keep surprising you with my domestic goddess-ness. Hahahahaha. Ok but seriously, I found a love for cooking in 2016 and ever since we moved into our new home, I’ve been feeling all domestic-y. ...

  • lucky girl

    proudduck.com 14 Jan '17, 4am

    Dean is the type that wouldn’t invest in a girl that isn’t his girlfriend. When we first dated, he wasn’t overly sweet or charming. No flowers, no paying for dinner, no sweet texts (OK, this sounded a lot better in my head) In some ways, I think that made me fall for him. I think that...

  • hair tips for hijabis

    proudduck.com 17 Jan '17, 12pm

    My hair has been falling off like rain lately because it’s getting too long. And I almost gasped when I tried to think when was the last time I went to a salon. Oh wow I’m gross. I really haven’t been paying any attention to my hair these past few months and wearing the headscarf, it’...

    1. Hoverboard's tips... redmummy.com 20 Jan '17, 7am
  • choose to be happy

    proudduck.com 06 Jan '17, 12pm

    But really, guys, I’ve learned that life is what you make of it. If you’re a grateful person, the biggest or the smallest things in life will make you feel content. Don’t wait for others to love you, instead love them first without expecting anything back. Don’t compare yourself to ot...

  • #girlbossturns29

    proudduck.com 07 Jan '17, 6pm

    I am the clingiest person ever so it was very hard for my assistant Iman to plan my party in the office. I told her many times not to throw anything big and I hate surprises etc etc, so I thought she had it clear that I didn’t want any celebration. But she secretly planned it with Dea...

  • the national gift

    proudduck.com 12 Jan '17, 7am

    Remember when I blogged about the KL dUCk and how excited I was about it? Obviously I thought the world of it, but little did I know it was going to be one of dUCk’s signature scarves. We became known for it and so many inspired versions are out in the market now, but we couldn’t be p...