• ❤️ 11 years anniversary | PROUDDUCK https://t.co/dcKhp0KKuR

    11 years anniversary

    proudduck.com 21 Oct '17, 3pm

    Cheesy alert ahead, but this I hope is also how you feel about your spouse and will inspire all of us to appreciate one another a bit more.

  • sweetest thing ive read in the morning

    fadza's surgery

    proudduck.com 12 Oct '17, 11pm

    Fadza is the type that gets flu very easily and he sneezes like five consecutive times in a row. Again he got it recently and so off to the clinic we went for a checkup. He had to go for an X-Ray and while waiting to see the doctor again, I went downstairs to get something. When I cam...

  • five great pillars

    proudduck.com 19 Oct '17, 4am

    Dedicated to all my Muslim readers: I always think it’s wrong to read the Quran blindly, without knowing its meaning. I can read Arabic fine, but I never understand what it means, which is really incomplete. So I decided to get the Quran with the English translation yesterday, and rea...

  • when i don't feel good in a scarf

    when i don't feel good in a scarf

    proudduck.com 29 Sep '17, 1pm

    No 2. I still struggle with this. I generally don’t like beach holidays because I’m scared of the ocean. But ever since wearing the headscarf a few years back I dread beach holidays. No hijabi wants to say it but we all struggle to dress for the beach and we usually look really awkwar...

  • such a wonderful person ! #duckcosmetics


    proudduck.com 26 Sep '17, 12am

    I just got back from the dUCk cosmetics store (that’s right, we are launching cosmetics now – gahh I really hope you follow me on Instagram because if not this would be the first time you’re hearing of this haha). The rest of the team are still there because there’s still so much they...

  • Beautifully written: new husband, new baby

    new husband, new baby

    proudduck.com 21 Aug '17, 5am

    As I scroll through my phone photo gallery, I sigh feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. So many things are happening in my life every single day and it’s so much easier to update it immediately on instagram, but I never feel it’s enough to tell my story – I still belong here in Proudduck. I...

  • one of those days

    proudduck.com 26 Sep '17, 12am

    Hmm, Im reminded of my umi. She didnt always watched TV with us. But to have her by our side when abah worked night shift, I truly felt protected and my weekend was awesome. We had only TV3 Friday movie, 9pm until 12. Aau Teater Legenda on TV1. Or something on TV2. No Astro, anyone? H...

  • SIGHS where's my Dean is he still in longkang yet? #cepatla

    you turn off the lights

    proudduck.com 27 Aug '17, 9am

    No, you turn off the light. No, you turn off the light. Does this conversation seem familiar to you? I guess all couples have this before they sleep. Tired, lazy, and both already in bed. Then, shoot, you realise the light is still on. So you turn to one another and these phrases come...