• @amanda_othman

    the birkin story

    proudduck.com 04 Feb '16, 2am

    Whenever I wear it now, it’s not because it’s a Birkin. I couldn’t care less if it was any other exclusive bag, but this bag keeps that memory of my dad and I close to my heart. Not only did we have so much fun during that Paris trip, just the two of us, but he taught me an important ...

  • i’m calming

    i’m calming

    proudduck.com 10 Jan '16, 12pm

    Dean is the favourite of both Daniel and Mariam. So so annoyed about this. He’s basically the one they run to when we both come home, and when I come home alone, Daniel will come to me and ask “Where Daddy?” -________-” WELCOME HOME TO YOU TOO DANIEL. Mariam as well, is suchhhhh a Dad...

  • "It's not just about love, to be honest. It's also about friendship.." https://t.co/G7inCzXsGW

    my dinner buddy forever

    proudduck.com 01 Dec '15, 12am

    It’s not just about love, to be honest, it’s also about friendship. It’s the kind of thing you can imagine yourself laughing and growing old together, even when you’re 80 and trying to help each other get up from your wheelchairs. He really is my best friend and we can talk for hours ...

  • toots’ baby shower

    proudduck.com 17 Dec '15, 3am

    I don’t know if u know this but i left quite a long comment on your friend Aida’s post on fb saying that I think you SHOULD explain/write about the event, not really sure (at the time) if an apology was needed BUT i do agree that you owe no one anything. I’m glad that you did come out...

  • fine dining in kaftan

    fine dining in kaftan

    proudduck.com 04 Jan '16, 8pm

    I was treated to a 5-course meal that was literally beautiful plates of culinary art that we all nodded to after each bite, pretending to know what the fancy ingredients were. The most magical part of the night was the end to our meal which was their special dessert; Off the Table. Ca...


    my husband the mayor

    proudduck.com 15 Jun '15, 8am

    Nowadays you will see Dean in a corner furiously typing on his phone, forehead wrinkled and looking very stressed. Aww man, my poor husband, have to work so hard… When I first saw him like that, I would go to the kitchen and make him his favourite drink; hot milo with condensed milk. ...

  • @amyliahalmy


    proudduck.com 18 Dec '15, 2pm

    Today I’m writing this first blogpost on Goldilocks (that’s her name, guys). And I hate to admit it, but dang it this laptop is freaking slow. My blog backend is still loading from 10 minutes ago so I’m literally writing this post on Microsoft Word and copying and pasting it to my blo...

  • "Respect is key in keeping the love alive. If you lose respect, love fades pretty quickly and it'll be hard to undo."

    before we sleep

    proudduck.com 08 Sep '15, 12pm

    This relationship of ours is still a mystery to me. How God can put so much love between two people who see each other all the time and not get sick of each other, I pray that dynamic will never stop. I really think it comes from genuine respect. Dean has never uttered a bad word to m...