my husband the mayor

    proudduck.com 15 Jun '15, 8am

    Nowadays you will see Dean in a corner furiously typing on his phone, forehead wrinkled and looking very stressed. Aww man, my poor husband, have to work so hard… When I first saw him like that, I would go to the kitchen and make him his favourite drink; hot milo with condensed milk. ...

  • nothing green, please

    nothing green, please

    proudduck.com 05 Jun '15, 4am

    “Nasi lemak, ikan bilis dengan kacang saja. Yang lain taknak.” “Snack plate, but can I replace the coleslaw with another whipped potato?” “Vegetarian lasagna without the vetegables, please.” Ok the last one was a joke. But seriously, when you hear all these requests, you would turn ar...

  • interview scare

    proudduck.com 20 May '15, 12am

    Here’s another one of my “essays”. Relevant for those applying for universities One of my best friends received an offer from Imperial Business School to do her Masters, and I’m so thrilled for her! You know who you are, so if you’re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS!! ___________________...

  • aiyaiyai….

    proudduck.com 21 Feb '15, 9am

    I’m quite grateful that I was never the type to get upset over negative comments, even from the start of my blogging days. Cos honest to God, I always take the good from it to improve myself. And the bad and plain nasty bits, I just disregard quite easily because I know it’s not about...

  • jim the clown

    proudduck.com 05 Apr '15, 3am

    Jahat nya! But that’s what best friends do! For my best friend’s birthday last year, I told her I would delete all her embarrassing pics on my phone (fetus pictures ok!!) as a gift! She was like, “YEAH GREAT FRIEND OK WOW”. I only did it because they were filling up my memory space! E...

  • @naffyboy oppss..my bad..they started the business with 100k...50k each...go read this blog post

    our recent funding

    proudduck.com 08 Apr '15, 10pm

    We couldn’t get grants because we were no longer a startup (requirement for startup is 3 years and below, so if your business is less than 3 years, GO AND GET A GRANT NOW). We couldn’t get bank loans because we have no assets such as property and banks were so hard to convince because...

  • so i was wondering how she get up there…

    outdoor wedding

    proudduck.com 26 Jan '15, 2pm

    wedding was a complete waste of my makeup. I seriously can’t wait for her to blog about it so you can see the gorgeous details, the floral bicycle, the coconut ice cream booth, the fairy lights, the rosette tablecloth, oh man… I’d say “I do” to Jason just for the wedding. I totally ge...

  • try to read this

    the virtual world

    proudduck.com 17 Feb '15, 11am

    Sponsored Post You know how it is. You have a really busy day and your mom keeps sending you copy and paste messages of how if you don’t send this to 10 people, you will die. “Mom I love you, but stop ittttt.” “Ok sorry darling.” And then she stops for 2 days before sending you more. ...