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Taking Your Smartphone Underwater. Taking Your Smartphone Underwater. Spending in access of RM1,000 for your smartphone, warrants a smarter solution  ...

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  • Get your crooked teeth straightened without braces! No pain, no surgery! #dentistry #chipped #tooth #nobraces #fb

    Straighten Crooked Teeth With No Pain or Braces

    pitch.pummkin.net 17 Apr '15, 11am

    Do you have an odd looking tooth jutting out or inverted (recessed)? Is one or more of your teeth crooked or misaligned? Do you have stains or marks on your teeth that are beyond repair? Or any broken tooth that robbed you of a beaming smile?? Have you got a gap between your two front...

  • Pummkinography:- Tickling The Feather Star Open for Critters - #marine #photography #scuba #dive

    Tickling The Feather Star Open for Critters

    pitch.pummkin.net 16 Feb '15, 5am

    There are 2 Clingfish in the picture and a shrimp. Can you spot them? How do you get a Feather Star to open up its multiple arms for you? You only need to tap the spine of the arms gently & softly. As you begin tapping, be mindful that your neoprene suit doesn’t touch any of the britt...

  • New blogpost:- How To Select A Good Instructor - #scuba #diving #Malaysia #guide

    How To Select A Good Dive Instructor

    pitch.pummkin.net 30 May '15, 4pm

    Dear divers, I’m putting this together for the benefit of the many who had asked me ‘how would I know if someone is a good instructor or not?’ As most newbies have no idea where to start, or may have been referred to one by his/her friend who has done the course, take this as a guide ...

  • New blogpost:- Survivalist Sack-Part 1 (Why you must gear up & be prepared for Martians!) #bugoutbag #disaster #tools

    Survivalist Sack – Part 1 »

    pitch.pummkin.net 29 Mar '13, 10am

    I sought the advice of my King Scout compatriot friend ala outdoor instructor, Adrian Chin who took me on many jungle & adventure pursuits in the past. He showed me his emergency bag of essentials which was equipped with tools & survival equipment to keep him alive for at least 3 days...

  • One of our favourite posts to read by @pummkin - Passionately Prized Fruit Blended with Ice in Tanjung Sepat. Roadtrip!

    Passionately Prized Fruit Blended with Ice in Tanjung Sepat

    pitch.pummkin.net 16 Oct '12, 3am

    Led by the sound of ice being shaved, I drew near to where a stall sits underneath a huge ficus tree. A Vespa, two dogs lazing & a man was sitting at the table beside the stall. This man runs both the stall & the passionfruit farm behind it. The look of curiosity on our faces paid off...

  • My tribute published in The Star newspapers today was edited. Full tribute with pics here:- #SabrinaYeap

    In Loving Memory of Sabrina Yeap, 1963 – 2012.

    pitch.pummkin.net 19 Jul '12, 3am

    Our ties formed when I began travelling, and very often I had to leave my dog with her in her house where she boarded pets as a side income to supplement her low income from the shelter. She did odd jobs like bathing dogs kept by the affluent for RM10 each, which some might think is a...

  • The Challenge of #Bird #Photography In The #Rainforest of #Borneo » Shots that will never be shown by pros.

    The Challenge of Bird Photography In The Rainforest of Borneo

    pitch.pummkin.net 30 Oct '11, 12pm

    – Be prepared to trek uphill as well as downhill. Carrying your mounted tripod if you have a 400mm lens or above would test your stamina & endurance but thats just the beginning. Your essentials are almost always needed on an expedition like this so add it on to what you will be carry...

  • This is how you travel safe and wisely. thanks to featured blogger @pummkin ^_^ #redhub

    Travel Safe, Travel Wisely

    pitch.pummkin.net 09 May '12, 6am

    • Scan all credit cards, airline tickets, passports and important documents, front and back and inside front cover and stored online in your email for easy retrieval should you lose them and need to produce verification. • Jewellery and luggage and all valuables should be photographed...


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