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2 days ago ... Once upon a time, a palm reader said that I was fickle minded and had an innate hunger for power. Duh, I'm a woman, hello?


  • Blogged! 10 things new expecting parents should buy before baby arrives

    10 things new expecting parents should buy before baby arrives 19 Sep '14, 4am

    We didn’t want to fall into the trap that most new parents do, buying many frivolous or hardly useful things (hello, diaper bins) so we thought it would be better to do the shopping after Liam has arrived. Bad decision. Truth is, once the baby’s here, there’s simply no time. Especiall...

  • Blogged! This healthy chocolate pudding is so tasty you won’t believe you’re eating tofu!

    This healthy chocolate pudding is so tasty you won't believe you're eating tofu! 13 Sep '14, 4am

    Now that I’m breastfeeding, I’ve been a bit more careful with what I put in my body. As it turns out, what you eat really does affect the breastmilk. So far, I’ve completely cut out chillies and almost all dairies from my diet because it’s a difference between my baby sleeping for 4 h...

  • Blogged! The story of our first born’s name.

    The story of our first born's name. 27 Aug '14, 5am

    We knew his name even since before he was conceived. It’s Liam. Why Liam? Cause the husband and I really like Liam Neeson and Liam Gallagher. #truestory When his godma, Jayna told me that Liam is defined as “P.I.M.P” on Urban Dictionary , the name officially stuck. Then, we struggled ...

  • Blogged! I have popped and this is how it went down.

    I have popped and this is how it went down. 11 Aug '14, 3am

    Some of you might know, that I have given birth to our baby boy. His due date was supposed to be 22 September, but he decided to pop out at 32 week 4 day gestation, just before the month of July ended. In a nutshell, that’s too many weeks too early. On 30 July 2014, my water broke at ...

  • Tried, tested and proven. 05 Aug '14, 4pm

    11 July 2014. 29 weeks 4 days. Getting there…about 10 drama-free weeks to go. How hard can it be? A little hard according to my scumbag vagina/cervix. After 2 episodes of spottings in the past 7 months, I reckoned the worst was over but last night when I wiped after peeing, something ...

  • The Good Batch - a wonderful brunch spot in Damansara Uptown 20 Jun '14, 11am

    I was at the good batch some time ago after recommendations from friends but the service we had was terrible… we ordered 3 coffees and one tea… the drinks came fairly quickly but our food took an hour… which was ridiculous by any standards.. we had to keep reminding the waitress.. it ...

  • Happy 30th Birthday to Me! 23 Jul '14, 8am

    Yeah now you know how old I am! I can’t believe that I graduated from university almost 10 years ago! I sometimes find it hard to believe that I am pregnant now. Or married. Or has my own health insurance. Or has my own car? Whutttttttt? I remember driving my first car at 18, a white ...

  • Blogged! Shopping online with Tesco Malaysia – the best so far!

    Shopping online with Tesco Malaysia - the best so far! 23 Jun '14, 5am

    If you searched for “Tesco” on my blog, you will find that I have over 11 pages worth of blog posts with at least a mention of my favourite store. Yes, I am a huge fan of Tesco and so is my husband. We’ve shopped at Tesco for almost 10 years! Our favourite section? Tesco Finest of cou...

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