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2 days ago ... Once upon a time, a palm reader said that I was fickle minded and had an innate hunger for power. Duh, I'm a woman, hello?


  • Blogged! My 10 #confessionsofamom

    My 10 #confessionsofamom 16 Apr '15, 4pm

    I have already posted this #confessionsofamom that has been going around on Dayre on my account . Thought I would replicate it here. And so I have unceremoniously plagiarised my own content for this blog. Hehehehe. 1. I only give Liam a bath every 2 days since he was born. Coz his pae...

  • 7 unimaginable ways to eat potato crisps! via @kimberlycun

    7 unimaginable ways to eat potato crisps! 02 Apr '15, 6am

    Potato crisps are more than just delicious snacks. With a little bit of creativity, potato crisps can be transformed into a vital food ingredient that adds textures and flavours to your foods. This is a cool way to impress your friends and family too. 1. In an omelette What? Crisps in...

  • What is this mysterious package? 24 Mar '15, 3am

    Woke up to my doorbell ringing furiously. That means there’s a package for us by a courier or postman. By the time I got decent and got out, there was nobody at our gate, but a box with my name on it. It’s very nicely packaged though, so I didn’t think it’s something sinister. Hahaha ...

  • Blogged! STTN with Drypers Drynights

    STTN with Drypers Drynights 07 Apr '15, 7am

    What’s STTN? If you’re already a mommy, you would definitely know what it stands for – Sleeping Through The Night. That’s the acronym we use to refer to baby’s sleeping habit, and it’s one that all mommies wish they could use all the time! :) One of the most important things to ensure...

  • Blogged! How to make chinese radish cake or turnip cake (lor bak gou)

    How to make chinese radish cake or turnip cake (lor bak gou) 10 Feb '15, 2am

    I don’t know if I’m getting older or what, but am a lot more interested in making traditional chinese dishes nowadays. I hope Liam will grow up knowing and liking food from my part of his heritage. I love radish cakes or turnip cakes or lor bak gou , especially the fried ones. I alway...

  • Blogged! Quick and delicious recipe for baba ganoush

    Quick and delicious recipe for baba ganoush 08 Feb '15, 5am

    How funny is the name baba ganoush? It cracks me up just saying it. Baba ganoush. Doesn’t it give you the giggles? Baba ganoush. Apparently it means “pampered daddy” or something like that. Despite its rather comical/badass name, it’s a very delicious dip made with brinjals or aubergi...

  • Cockroach? Expired salt? Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Delicious fusilli with tuna in mushroom sauce. 26 Jan '15, 3pm

    Don’t be fooled by the title of this post. It’s so easy to make that a 9 year old would have no problem doing so. But best of all, you’d probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. Especially if you’re one of those lazy people (ie: me) who shop for convenience (read: fro...

  • The single best improvement of our life since Liam besides Liam.... 05 Dec '14, 5am

    … our washing machine cum dryer. I don’t know how we did it. We lived for 10 whole years without the use of a washing machine. And then the bub arrived and oh my gawd. The amount of laundry generated by the little man is just obscene. How could something so tiny make so much laund...

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