2 days ago ... Barbie, who sports long blonde hair, a mini waist and large bust, flew from her home town to Malaysia to meet silicone-pumped Ken. When they ...

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  • Ipoh Famous Curry Noodles at Xin Quan Fang

    kenwooi.com 17 Jul '16, 1pm

    “Ma Ta Liu” Curry Noodles, or also known as “Police Station” Curry Noodles, is how the Ipohans call it as it’s just a stone’s throw away from a police station (duh!). This is a MUST TRY breakfast option at Xin Quan Fang if you’re on an Ipoh Food Trip . Xin Quan Fang probably has one o...

  • What To Eat in Ipoh?

    kenwooi.com 06 Jul '16, 7am

    Imagine a spring-like texture steamed rice noodles match-made with a mixture of sauces garnished generously with shallots. This is possibly the best chee cheong fun you’ll ever find in Ipoh Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun . Drop by from 1pm to 4pm (or until sold out) on weekdays only (exc...

  • 7D6N Europe Taster Tour with Expat Explore

    kenwooi.com 13 May '16, 12am

    Europe Taster Tour by Expat Explore brings travelers to beautiful European destinations such as Paris, Swiss Alps, Rhine Valley, Amsterdam, and Bruges. Explore exciting experiences such as canal cruises and a train ride to the Top of Europe! The accommodations provided are simple yet ...

  • New on blog - Have you tried Burger & Lobster in London? It's the hype yo!

    Burger & Lobster, London

    kenwooi.com 06 Jul '16, 2am

    One of our food adventures (as if we’ve had quite a number of it eh?) in London was at Burger & Lobster . There seemed to be raving reviews about it, hence Shane wanted to try it out during our Trip of a Lifetime in 2015. After witnessing the overrated Changing of Guard ceremony at Bu...

  • La Farola Cafe, London

    kenwooi.com 04 Jun '16, 2pm

    La Farola Cafe is a Spanish bistro located at Upper Street in London. We had brunch there on one of the days while we were in London during our Trip of a Lifetime . To get here, we traveled to Angel Station (via London Underground). At the street level, we walked north along the stree...

  • Winter with Snow Expected in Malaysia

    kenwooi.com 05 Jun '16, 3am

    KUALA LUMPUR : With the cool atmosphere surrounding Malaysia, it’s expected that snow will occur soon. Local scientists said that frequent drops of temperature will eventually lead to a new season in Malaysia – Winter! According to a local weather specialist, Ken Wooi of Malaysian Met...

  • Boob Sighting at Amsterdam’s Red Light District |

    kenwooi.com 23 Apr '16, 1pm

    Boob Sighting at Amsterdam’s Red Light District 23 April 2016 During our Trip of a Lifetime , Netherlands was the next and fourth destination when we were on the Europe Taster Tour with Expat Explore . Similarly to Swiss Alps , Rhine Valley and Bruges, it was our first time being in t...

  • My Lasik Surgery Experience with Optimax

    kenwooi.com 29 May '16, 1pm

    It has been more than a year ago since I underwent Lasik Surgery with Optimax Malaysia . Time flies! To begin with, I’ve been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember… since primary school. I can still recall my dad opting for plastic glasses so that ‘clumsy’ me wouldn’t wreck it...