2 days ago ... Barbie, who sports long blonde hair, a mini waist and large bust, flew from her home town to Malaysia to meet silicone-pumped Ken. When they ...

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  • Middle Eastern Man: There is a DINOSAUR in my room. Why got dinosaur in my room?!

    Dinosaur in My Hotel Room! – kenwooi.com

    kenwooi.com 10 May '17, 2pm

    An acquaintance of mine used to work as a hotel receptionist. Once, he got a call from a Middle Eastern guest – complaining about his hotel room. Here’s the conversation through the phone: ———————————————————— Middle Eastern Man : I want complain about my room. Him : Okay, please tell...

  • Please Donate Money for Charity Lah! – kenwooi.com

    kenwooi.com 23 Apr '17, 2pm

    my boyfriend and I had an argument about this last june when we went to vegas. it was a 4hour drive home. (vegas to LA) and when we were at the gasoline station we barely had money for gas. then this guy showed us stating he was from marine/veteran and that he needed money for gas to ...

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    Ipoh Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant – kenwooi.com

    kenwooi.com 21 Apr '17, 1pm

    Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant (or also referred to as “Man Jung” in Cantonese) is well-known for its delicious food choices, and it’s also one of the preferred choices to host wedding dinners in Ipoh. Despite being a conventional restaurant (unlike modern hotel ballrooms with red c...

  • Journey with #LynnOnKen

    kenwooi.com 21 Mar '17, 2pm

    The creation of the hashtag wasn’t easy as we wanted it have a meaning after integrating both our names. Finally, we decided on #LynnOnKen and it basically means “Lean on Ken”. Most of the discussion took place during our drive to and fro Ipoh.

  • Top 10 Places to Visit in Melbourne

    kenwooi.com 11 Mar '17, 2pm

    It was definitely an exciting adventure during our recent trip to Melbourne, Australia. Honestly, Australia wasn’t on our to-travel list within the coming years, but it became an opportunity since my younger sister was flying to Melbourne for a semester exchange with RMIT University. ...

  • My name has been misspelled many times, this man made it worse...

    My Name Has Been Misspelled Many Times, This Man Made it Worse

    kenwooi.com 09 Mar '17, 1pm

    My name has been misspelled several times throughout my entire life. In fact, it’s probably one of the simplest names to spell, right? It doesn’t even contain any tongue-twisting pronunciation or funky syllable like abcde.

  • 7D6N Europe Taster Tour with Expat Explore

    kenwooi.com 13 May '16, 12am

    Europe Taster Tour by Expat Explore brings travelers to beautiful European destinations such as Paris, Swiss Alps, Rhine Valley, Amsterdam, and Bruges. Explore exciting experiences such as canal cruises and a train ride to the Top of Europe! The accommodations provided are simple yet ...

  • Making Days Count in 2016

    kenwooi.com 31 Dec '16, 7am

    Another 366 days (yes, 2016 is a leap year) passed by swiftly that it feels like time has sped up in the recent years. As I briefly peeked at my 7 life-changing moments in 2015 , I can’t help to admit that there are lesser “wow” moments in 2016. Most of the days were an insignificant ...

    1. The Making of ELOISE The Movie budiey.com 30 Dec '16, 11am