2 days ago ... Barbie, who sports long blonde hair, a mini waist and large bust, flew from her home town to Malaysia to meet silicone-pumped Ken. When they ...

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  • Looking for a place to buka puasa? Check out Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet by @FronteraBar! Deliciously new on my blog

    Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet, Frontera Sol of Mexico

    kenwooi.com 26 Jun '14, 2pm

    The fasting season is here again, where our Muslim friends will be fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to dusk. But breaking fast here in Malaysia, we’re known to embrace it as a nation. Just recently, I had the opportunity to try the Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet by Frontera Sol of...

  • Drawing my sister like a PRO! Check out my work of art

    Drawing My Sister Like A Pro

    kenwooi.com 29 Jun '14, 1pm

    My sister is currently in her prime “teenage” years, and it’s no denying that she’s getting quite a fair bit of attention from the opposite gender. So recently, she shared some sketches (of her) done by one of her admirers. Young boys these days are rather direct and daring. I honestl...

  • Question: Is it THAT hard to spell my name?

    So Hard To Spell My Name Meh?

    kenwooi.com 08 Jun '14, 2pm

    As I was spring cleaning my house back in Ipoh, I came across stuffs that belong to me. To be exact, stuffs that belong to the younger me, particularly when I was still schooling in Ipoh. Exercise books and notes were common. Here’s an unused exercise book with my name written on it. ...

  • updated - 10KM at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon! :D #scklm2013

    10KM at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

    kenwooi.com 29 Sep '13, 2pm

    Never in my life would I have thought that I’d enjoy running. I mean, a general perception of running is that it makes us tired and we dislike that feeling of discomfort. In fact, it’s not a pleasurable feeling to many. As for my myself, I found great pleasure in running since last ye...

  • kenwooidotcom *updated* - Teenagers Say the Darndest Things

    Teenagers Say the Darndest Things

    kenwooi.com 28 Jan '13, 1pm

    I used to be a teenager, but that was years ago. Damn, I sound old. Sometimes I wonder what was my mind up to when I was at a “teen” age. Did I say things that seemed naive? Or did I make statements that were impractical? Unfortunately, there aren’t any trails that could lead me back ...

  • Sawadeekrap! Hello from Phuket and Krabi! :D

    A Thai Adventure: Phuket & Krabi

    kenwooi.com 10 May '14, 3pm

    I’ve been missing-in-action for the longest time – more than 3 months to be exact. If anyone asks why, I can’t help but to point the finger at myself. Nevertheless, I am back! Oh yeah, Sawadeekrap! Thailand is definitely one of the top countries visited by Malaysians. To many, it’s kn...

  • kenwooidotcom *updated* - Deceiving Advert on Facebook

    Deceiving Advert on Facebook

    kenwooi.com 28 Sep '12, 4pm

    Whenever I have access to the Internet, one website that I’ll definitely visit, besides kenwooi.com (duh!), is… Facebook. To be honest, it’s a must-visit site these days. I bet many of you share the same sentiment, right? Anyway, while I was casually stalking surfing on Facebook one d...

  • My crib at #Krabi! New on - Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

    Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, Ao Nang Krabi

    kenwooi.com 29 May '14, 2pm

    Krabi was our first destination during the Phuket-Krabi trip . We had no idea which hotel to stay at Ao Nang initially. Fortunately, a voucher on LivingSocial grabbed our attention and it was for a 3D2N stay at Aonang Cliff Beach Resort , a 4-star boutique resort located at the heart ...