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  • What Matters Most

    What Matters Most

    ibloom.co 20 Oct '16, 7pm

    My 41-years of life have been somewhat of a roller coaster. I’ve had some extreme highs and some not so fun lows. If you would’ve have asked the 24-year old Jennifer what her life would look like, it would be far from what it is and what it has been. And yet, through every experience,...

  • 1-Day Event in Lexington, KY

    ibloom.co 23 Oct '16, 1am

    We’ve worked hard to get a great deal on hotel accommodations at our favorite local hotel. Be sure to reserve your room BEFORE Monday, October 10th to secure the best rate. Hyatt Place 2001 Bryant Road, Lexington, KY 40509 To reserve your room: click here or call 859-296-0091- ask for...

  • #BeWorthFollowing: 7 Marks of a Social Media User You Need To Stay Away From

    ibloom.co 22 Oct '16, 2pm

    Last year I finally decided to unfollow someone I had been watching for a long time. Someone who identifies as a Christian and who is hugely popular among her followers. But I began to see a pattern. Every post, every email, was all about her success, her accomplishments and the thing...

  • Is Social Media Affecting Your Mindset?

    ibloom.co 21 Oct '16, 10pm

    Really grea post Jen! I so agree about the fact that too many women compare themselves with other people results. I use to do it. Now that I follow God’s plan for my life and that I have alligned with my purpose and gifts, I am not so inclined to let that happen. I must admit that I s...

  • Life & Business Planner

    ibloom.co 15 Oct '16, 7pm

    Are you feeling FRAZZLED? Maybe you: Love what you are doing but it is just TOO MANY & TOO MUCH: you have notes EVERYWHERE and feel discombobulated by the paper, post-its, & alarms on your phone Are stressed to the max but aren’t sure how to change anything anytime soon…too many peopl...

  • Run Your Race, Focus On Your Lane

    Run Your Race, Focus On Your Lane

    ibloom.co 07 Oct '16, 7pm

    Lesson #2 emphasizes the importance of running our race and staying in our lane. The enemy wants us to stay put and not move forward with God’s plan for us. As we overcome the urge to not run our race, we will in turn, start running. Although we may start out strong, the race can be d...

  • Are you waiting for things to be perfect?

    Are you waiting for things to be perfect?

    ibloom.co 09 Oct '16, 2pm

    Whew , , ,NEEDED THIS . . . girl, you were reading my mail! I am presently in the startup phase of my “right-brain driven” administrative support business, Aesthetically Minded, LLC. I have become both overwhelmed and discouraged by how LONG it will take to get things up and running w...

  • Why being real on #SocialMedia is the BEST thing you can do...https://t.co/4dGYFZlmjh

    Why being real on social media is the BEST thing you can do

    ibloom.co 16 Sep '16, 10am

    So one day, I REALLY messed up. I had just finished having my mammogram and the girls were hurting! So, I decided to text my husband to let him know all was clear but that I was hurting. Well, this happened instead: Yep, you read that right. Instead of texting my husband, I texted my ...


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