• Container-Ready Rails 5 | EuRuKo 2017 - Budapest

    euruko2017.org 13 Sep '17, 10am

    Before Rails 5, the default web server that you get when you run $ rails server is WEBrick , which is the only server that ships with the Ruby standard library. For years now Heroku has recommended against using WEBrick as a production webserver mostly due to performance concerns, sin...

  • Diversity Program at EuRuKo 2017 | EuRuKo 2017 - Budapest

    euruko2017.org 26 Jun '17, 10am

    Diversity Program at EuRuKo 2017 Hello there fine folks, hope you are having a great summer! As EuRuKo is organized by community volunteers each year, we feel it is important to make it as accessible as possible to everyone. This is why we want to offer a bunch of diversity tickets fo...