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  • Spot on “@emmagemtweets: Weight loss excuses that just won't cut it anymore

    5 Weight Loss Excuses That Just Don’t Fly Anymore

    emmagem.com 02 Mar '12, 10pm

    Instead of wasting your time coming up with excuses not to do it, and whining about how much weight you’ve gained and how you look fat in everything, get up off your butt and start breaking into a sweat. Making excuses is for people who have no commitment, dedication or drive to take ...

  • Make way for Lana del Rey. The new IT girl.

    New It Girl- Lana del Rey

    emmagem.com 26 Feb '12, 3am

    Lana del Rey has described herself in the past as the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”. With her retro-infused sound, winged-eyeliner and lyrical references to bad boys, drugs and getting high; the Amy Winehouse comparison seems too obvious. But that doesn’t mean that she is a straight up copy...

  • Trends to rock next season fresh from New York Fashion Week

    Top 5 Trends From New York Fashion Week

    emmagem.com 19 Feb '12, 5am

    New York Fashion Week wrapped up last week. The buzz about the advanced contemporary labels was huge. Labels like Rag & Bone, Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Philip Lim, Helmut Lang, Theory and J.Crew Collection were applauded for their designs with entry price of $295 which goes up t...

  • Why do we only remember the bad things people say about us and never the good things? Snap out of it and start...

    Why Remember The Negative? 3 Ways To Snap Out Of It & Be Positive!

    emmagem.com 17 Feb '12, 4pm

    Why is it that we always seem to remember the negative things that people say about us? But when someone gives us a compliment we reject it, brush it off, or experience a case of “in one ear and out the other”. But the minute someone says something negative about us we get all worked ...

  • Valentine's Day on a shoestring budget

    Valentine’s Day Date On A Budget

    emmagem.com 12 Feb '12, 2am

    Hands up if you are concerned about the amount of money you spend every year on Valentine’s Day. It is a once a year event and a very significant one if you are actually dating someone or even more so if you are married. But all those hard-earned cash spent on the fancy dinner date at...

  • Jazz and soul inspired collection by Thomas Sabo

    Thomas Sabo All Jazzed Up

    emmagem.com 05 Feb '12, 3am

    Thomas Sabo recently launched it’s Sterling Silver Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. The entire collection is inspired by the era of glamor and jazz. The fabulous launch party celebrated the source of inspiration for the collection with music by local jazz songstress Nur Farhan and the b...

  • How safe is your house this holiday season?

    Holiday Home Safety Tips

    emmagem.com 22 Jan '12, 3am

    Not only it gives impression that the house is occupied, it also helps your neighbor or security guard to see if there’s any suspicious looking character loitering around. Concerned about leaving the lights on for your long holiday? Get your good neighbor to turn them on and off for y...

  • Carpe Diem fans! Let's all live life to the fullest! <3

    Living Carpe Diem

    emmagem.com 21 Jan '12, 1pm

    Carpe diem. Those two little words which mean “seize the day” are the best way to describe how we should be living life every day. Don’t you think it is just so easy for us to come up with a million excuses as to why we can’t do this or that? I see it all the time – being too busy, li...

  • Hats off to Bremen Wong

    TRUTH@Bremen Wong

    emmagem.com 18 Dec '11, 3am

    If there is one thing that we could learn from the show, it has to be according to Bremen the fact that there’s always perfection in imperfection. As for the talented designer, he has a whole lot of different things laid out for him next year. Bremen hopes to get involve in more chari...

  • Talk about effective communication- does complaining help? Find out...

    Why Complaining Turns Men Off

    emmagem.com 04 Dec '11, 6am

    In a way, it is fair for men to say that women nag a lot because on some level it is true. We tend to complain, complain and complain about this and that, pick on little details, and usually, most of the complaining is done to the people who we are most comfortable with or the people ...

  • Read al about a new fashion retail outlet in Bangsar:

    New Kid On The Block

    emmagem.com 03 Dec '11, 2am

    With design being at the core of Thimble, the store is laid out with an open plan that incorporates a design studio as well, allowing customers to even make bespoke garments. Like most other fashion labels, Thimble releases their collections by seasons. The label also uses only the fi...

  • Empowerment-www.klitf.com

    emmagem.com 17 Nov '11, 2am

    Hey, emmagem’s netpreneurs – Listen to internationally acclaimed fashion designer to the stars, Zang Toi and 23 year old , entrepreneur ,Subodh Sangle and find out how they succeed in the international fashion and business arena. This yearly event organized by Matrade to expose and en...

  • Hot Arrival -Fan di Fendi Perfume

    Hot Arrival -Fan di Fendi Perfume

    emmagem.com 02 Nov '11, 8am

    Modelling is a very short-spanned career. Well we have to make exceptions for supermodel-extraordinaire like Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campell who are still gracing the cover of magazines and landing million dollars deal years or even decades after their first off...

  • Emmagem Presents: Dior’s Mise En Dior

    emmagem.com 29 Oct '11, 3am

    The International Art Expo Malaysia is where Art’s at. Old and New, East and West. Whatever forms, whatever styles, whatever media. Paintings, Sculptures, Assemblages, Installations, New Media (Digital Art). Astonishing artworks from all over the world! It’s a place not only to SEE Ar...

  • Pure 925 silver? Check. One piece per design? Check. Handcrafted? Check. Rock chic has never been this exclusive!

    Hot On The Shelves: Emmashoppe goes ROCK CHIC!

    emmagem.com 28 Oct '11, 5am

    If you’re planning on taking a walk on the rocker edge, kit yourself out in Emmashoppe’s Rock Chic collection! This collection features a fair bit of skulls in true rock fashion, with crowns and daggers for some variety.. and a 3-dimensional scooter, all gleaming in 925 silver. Handma...

  • Unleash your DIY creativity and stand to win a Yves Rocher gift set!

    Show Off Your DIY-ed Collar!

    emmagem.com 26 Oct '11, 9am

    Aphrodite’s article on DIY-ing your own detachable collar was pure awesomeness! We’re sure you were inspired to jazz up your own outfits with your own unique collars, so here’s your chance to show the world your creative side! Send us a picture of your very own collar, and stand a cha...

  • Halloween-Inspired Nails!

    Halloween-Inspired Nails!

    emmagem.com 23 Oct '11, 1pm

    Are you all set and ready for a good haunting? Yep, I’m sure many of you have gotten your costumes, your makeup looks perfected and can hardly wait for a horror-filled night out. But hang on…what about your fingernails?!! Don’t neglect them! Put a little effort in and really get into ...

  • Celeb-author or Ghost-writer?

    Celeb-author or Ghost-writer?

    emmagem.com 23 Oct '11, 5am

    Unlike any other Hollywood starlets, LC first venture into writing started off with a novel. Her young adult novel made it straight to the New York Times bestseller’s list upon its release. Currently busy with her Gwyneth’s Goop-style website; Conrad has also released her fourth book ...

  • Nue by Jonathan Liang

    Nue by Jonathan Liang

    emmagem.com 23 Oct '11, 3am

    NUE by Jonathan Liang examines the derivation of women into their raw sensual self. A dreamerʼs expression of the feminine form free from embellishment, Nue emphasizes on the creation of pieces that are aesthetically simple yet are juxtaposed against the daily flow of visual clutter. ...

  • Do we really need to be skin and bones to be attractive? A survey done on 2000 men unveils some surprising answers!

    Supersize That, Please!

    emmagem.com 22 Oct '11, 5am

    Gym? … You could give it a miss today if you wanted to: 74% of men didn’t mind a muffin top and 69% weren’t turned off by cellulite! Do I hear the sound of a thousand women booking tickets on the first flight out to the U.K? In fact, Alexa Chung and LeAnn Rimes, both slim and gym-rat-...

  • The launch of the hottest place in town: Area 27 by Bernard Chandran!

    Bernard Chandran Launches Area27

    emmagem.com 16 Oct '11, 2am

    A grand tour inside the store and there was a lot of recycled and art pieces including kitchenware turned into chandelier, wall art by local artist and turf-covered changing room. The store carries labels like Puma Blackstation (Alexander McQueen, Rudolf Dassler and Mihara Yasuhiro), ...

  • We all think that gyms are the answer to everything, but is a gym really for you?

    Is A Gym Worth Your While

    emmagem.com 15 Oct '11, 12am

    Most of us seem to labor under the misconception that in order to lose weight, you need to hit the gym to do it. You do realize that the same exercises can be done at home for practically free right? Or for a tiny sum of maybe RM19.90 for a simple workout DVD? Compared to spending hun...

  • Don't let the heat dry you up!

    Product Review: Kiehl’s Creme de Corps

    emmagem.com 14 Oct '11, 1am

    Roaming around in the pharmacy looking for more effective body moisturizers again? Here is your solution: Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, one of Kiehl’s top selling items! It comes in variety sizes, starting from 2.5 fl. Oz. to 1 liter pump. Many have spread the good word about this product. ...

  • OK so breaking up isn't always the easiest thing in the world, but why let it bring you down and ruin your life?...

    Best Songs For Getting Over A Break-Up

    emmagem.com 13 Oct '11, 12am

    Even worse, why would you subject yourself to listening to sad songs or watching movies that just make you feel much worse? Yeah you got your heart broken, but that’s part of life right? Don’t listen to songs that’ll depress the h*ll out of you! That’ll do nothing for your mood.

  • Socialyl inept people? We all know of at least one, but how do you deal with them?

    How To Deal With A Socially Inept Person

    emmagem.com 12 Oct '11, 12am

    Anyone have a friend who fits the description of a socially inept person? The socially inept person is someone who just blunders on about topics that no one is interested when in a group situation (even though no one is listening to them), someone who doesn’t know how to handle themse...

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! How aware are YOU?

    Pink Month: Breast-Self Examinations

    emmagem.com 11 Oct '11, 8pm

    If you didn’t, it’s time you did. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we at Emmagem are definite supporters of cancer awareness, especially one that has taken the lives of so many of our fellow women. The most basic thing you can do to protect yourself from this disease is to arres...

  • Looking for a cleansing masque?

    Product Review: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

    emmagem.com 11 Oct '11, 10am

    I have a confession to make. Frankly, between you and me, (whispering) I’m a cleansing masque maniac. How many times have we encountered those too good to be true ads? Amazingly gorgeous models pose on the screen, and the effect is just “Wow! In split seconds, you can obtain a baby-sk...

  • Wake Up To Weight Loss Reality : emmagem.com

    Wake Up To Weight Loss Reality

    emmagem.com 07 Oct '11, 4pm

    Weight loss does not happen overnight. If you think just a couple of days of exercise or dieting is going to get you the instant result or want, or that you’re going to see an immediate difference, you might as well give up that fantasy right now. Having unrealistic expectations is on...

  • Shop in the comfort of a bedroom!

    Dunlopillo Invites You To Its Bedroom

    emmagem.com 07 Oct '11, 2am

    First Ikea started off with the home simulations – where entire areas were furnished like living rooms, bedrooms, etc; the trend spread to other furnishing brands like SSF (their showrooms have displays that range from provincially charming to oriental to modernist) and the bug has no...

  • Friday blues: Mix cobalts and blacks for ultimate chic points!

    Rock Out in Cobalt Blue + Black

    emmagem.com 07 Oct '11, 1am

    I learnt from Marissa Willstein of College Fashionista that “ Burberry Prorsum’s creative director, Christopher Bailey, featured a gorgeous cobalt blue military inspired coat in his fall 2010 ready-to-wear collection that really popped on the runway when paired with black thigh high b...