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1 day ago ... A blog of Emila Yusof, an illustrator based Lumpur/Selangor, Malaysia who loves to travel, take photos and draw/sketch.

Link: emilayusof.com

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    People I met at ADIBF 2013 - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 03 Jan '16, 8am

    and the experience I gained was totally priceless. And the people I met and have a chat with was truly inspiring in so many ways. I managed to capture photos with/of some of them while sketching some. I hope you can click the link on their names that I provided to learn more about them.

  • Old post:: Halal food in Cape Town

    Halal food in Cape Town - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 23 Dec '15, 8pm

    When I visited Cape Town, looking for Halal Muslim food was very easy. This is due to the fact that about 10% of the population are made of Muslims. Other than that, there are some restaurants that serve only seafood. If you are lazy to go find Halal Muslim food around the town, you c...

  • Old post:: Taman... https://t.co/ZgsdLGuT5V #Familytravel #FTofMalaysia #Malaysia #Putrajaya #TRAVEL/HOLIDAYS

    Taman Botani Putrajaya - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 07 Dec '15, 8pm

    It has been designed as an Arcadia or a national sanctuary for the Malaysian living collection of plant taxonomy as well as a centre for education and research. Taman Botani Putrajaya is an oasis of tranquility that brings us back to our roots in nature, a place where we can reflect o...

  • Old post:: Tourism... #Malaysia

    Tourism Malaysia Ad Grabs A Silver At Creativity International Award - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 26 Jul '15, 9pm

    A Tourism Malaysia print advertisement recently won a silver award under the Print & Packaging category at this year’s 42nd annual Creativity International Awards. Created by FilmPOINT for Tourism Malaysia, the advertisement is part of the “Best Time of Your Life” advertising campaign...

  • Old post:: KL: A to Z Fun... #FTofMalaysia #KualaLumpur #Malaysia

    KL: A to Z Fun Things To Do With Kids {G} - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 29 Aug '15, 6pm

    KL: A to Z Fun Things To Do With Kids {G} November 13, 2009 May 16, 2012 emila The first three gardens open daily from 9am to 6pm. Admission is free on weekdays and you have to pay RM1 on weekend and public holidays. Rimba Ilmu, a botanical garden, is situated in Universiti Malaya Kua...

  • Old post:: WiP: Cute Girls #ARTWORKS #watercolor

    WiP: Cute Girls - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 24 Sep '15, 7pm

    I am changing the Comel Girl series to Cute Girl. This is relevant to the fact that I am trying to get them licensed internationally. I am keeping Comel Girl for the local market, suggested by Unsunghero. Thank you!

  • Old post:: Museum of History... #Familytravel #Malaysia #Melaka #TRAVEL/HOLIDAYS

    Museum of History and Ethnography, Melaka - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 03 Apr '15, 10am

    I went to Melaka a few times already but did not have the chance to visit the Museum of History and Ethnography. So when my family and I visited the state few months back, I made the time to visit the museum. It was because I needed to refresh my mind on what I had learned from school...

  • Foggy - IF - Emilatopia

    emilayusof.com 24 Sep '15, 11pm

    hi, emila! thanks for visiting my blog… and for the nice comment. it was a good reminder for me to come over and see what beautiful things you are up to these days. love your latest IF (“foggy”) — very atmospheric and lovely.


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