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  • Simple - when you know how, just press F5

    How to Remove the New Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer? 20 Mar '11, 7am

    Hit F5 - When viewing any photo in Facebook lightbox, just hit F5 to refresh and it will go away. Remove &theater - At the address bar, remove the &theater from the URL and hit Enter. Facebook Lightbox Killer (Mozilla Firefox ) - This is an addon for Mozilla Firefox. It will remove Fa...

  • What is the best antivirus software for Windows 7? 22 Mar '11, 2pm

    I use Sunbelt Software's Vipre Premium because like K. it uses barely any resouces, has built in firewall, very compatible with Malwarebytes. Lots of settings for the experts and very easy to use if you want something simple. Another big BONUS their tech support team is superb! They o...

  • How to create a Bookmark in Adobe Reader? 01 Oct '11, 5am

    In iPad, I can create bookmarks or open last view page, to continue my reading when I reopen the ebook. But in Adobe Reader, the bookmark feature is not there. Unless if you purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional which have the ability to place a bookmark.

  • New at CypherHackz: Portable BlogDesk with Dropbox

    Portable BlogDesk with Dropbox 26 Oct '11, 12am

    Portable BlogDesk with Dropbox I'm using BlogDesk as my desktop blogging client to update my blogs. The interface is straightforward, can manage multiple blogs, and easy to use. Most of the time, I will use my PC and laptop to update my blogs. Both have Blogdesk installed but the data...

  • New at CypherHackz: How to Reset P1 Wimax Modem Password?

    How to Reset P1 Wimax Modem Password? 02 Jan '12, 2am

    Happy new year 2012 everyone! -CypherHackz. Many people asked me how to reset P1 Wimax modem password in my article on How to Secure P1 Wimax Modem? Well it is not that difficult to reset the password actually. Here I will show you the easiest way to reset the password just by using a...

  • The Google+ Song 25 Sep '11, 3am

    Have you heard the Google+ Song video? At first, it is kinda boring but when the video shows what we can do with Google+, it is become more interesting and entertaining.

  • Troj/PHPShll-B malware in Wordpress wp-config.php file! 21 Sep '11, 1pm

    Suspicious codes found in WordPress wp-config.php file A Sophos Senior Threat Researcher, Paul O Baccas found a malware codename, Troj/PHPShll-B in a WordPress wp-config.php file that was installed in one of their IT department friend's website. This malware was first detected by Soph...

  • Sorry… I’m not P1 Wimax staff… 06 Feb '12, 2am

    Since I posted several articles on P1 Wimax problems and how to solve them, many readers thought that I am one of their P1 Wimax staff. It’s kinda funny though because I got many complaints and questions asking about P1 Wimax. Even some of them were angry with me and asked with rude w...

    1. I’m Sorry, Baby 09 Feb '12, 12am

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