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3 hours ago ... Trying to find out information on how to apply for tourist or business visa in the Embassy of Myanmar located in Kuala Lumpur? We had difficulty ...


  • New post: Ah finally..our adventures on Yangon City, Myanmar.. the journey begins! via @agentcikay #travel #lp #myanmar

    Yangon City, Myanmar — CC 22 Jun '12, 2am

    It is obvious that most of the population is found in Yangon city where there is better work prospects -earning to live. It is not earning to save. Though there is a growing middle class, many can only live day to day because of the high cost of living around the country. Yangon city ...

  • My Top 3 Brunch Spots In Seattle a guestpost via @agentcikay #travel #usa #foodie

    My Top 3 Brunch Spots In Seattle — CC 26 Apr '12, 1am

    I’ve long associated each season with a different type of meal. Fall, for example, is the season of lunch – the season of hot soups and crisp sandwiches. Winter is the time for warm and relaxing dinners. And summer, of course, is the season of the picnic and the barbeque. But my stron...

  • The Malaysian "little eat" and "big eat". What is that? via @agentcikay #food #travel #pudu #kl

    Little Eat Stall Pudu — CC 06 Apr '12, 1am

    Looking around the place, Cumi spotted this larder, where regular patrons of the little eat stall, keep their different brands or mixes of Chinese wine. When they arrive for their *bespoke dish with choice of meats, they take their own respective bottle (all numbered or signed for eas...

  • Traditional Malay Food and a Dance... at Songket via @agentcikay #travel #lp #food #kl

    Songket — CC 10 May '12, 12am

    Here at Songket, their speciality is the rusuk panggang (roast beef ribs) but unfortunately, Head chef Mohd Zamri Jemintan was fresh out of rusuk, and I suspect the large wedding group had something to do with it. Apparently the Chef only uses chilled beef imported either from Austral...

  • NEW: Entry Denied at Independence Square via @agentcikay #currentissues #berish3.0

    Entry denied into Merdeka Square — CC 17 May '12, 12am

    Over two weekends have passed since Bersih 3.0 rally took place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on 28 April 2012. Popular newspapers reported a day after the event, that there had been tens of thousands of people thronging the streets surrounding Merdeka Square or the Independence Square...

  • Chef in the Spotlight - Chef Garth Welsh of The Westin, Kuala Lumpur via @agentcikay

    Chef in the Spotlight - Chef Garth Welsh of The Westin, Kuala Lumpur — CC 16 May '12, 12am

    Australian-born Welsh served as Executive Chef in charge of Food and Beverage at Amanpulo Resort managed by Aman Resorts Philippines – coveted the last two years running by Condé Naste Traveller as the Best for Holiday Locations and listed No 1 in the Zagat Survey’s World’s Top Hotels...

  • *news* I'm featured as guest blogger on @cikipedia where I write about 'wagashi'- Japan's fancy tea cakes-

    Wagashi- Japan's charming little works-of-art cakes — CC 01 Jun '12, 12am

    During Japanese tea ceremony, which proceeds in a regimented order, guests are seated in a tidy line beside each other on the tatami mat. Usually they wear kimono. If both dry and moist sweets are included, dry sweets are served first. A plate or tray of dry sweets is passed down the ...

  • New: The Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) loyalty program - new culinary benefits via @agentcikay #travel #kl #lp

    The Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) loyalty program - new culinary benefits — CC 04 May '12, 12am

    At this launch hosted by Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, we had three great Chefs under one roof, cooking for us. First up was Chef Garth Welsh who cooked for us our starters of Prawns, Haloumi cheese and watermelon. Australian born, Chef Garth Welsh is The Westin Kuala Lumpur’s newest addi...

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