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  • Chester Likes Sit & Stay Homemade Pet Food #dog #goldenretriever

    Chester Likes Sit & Stay Homemade Pet Food 22 Mar '14, 4pm

    Early this month I was contacted by Cynthia, one of the owners of Sit & Stay to have Chester try their homemade pet food. I agreed to review for them since I’m all in when it comes to natural dog food. Sit & Stay is a homemade pet food catering business which was set up in August 2013...

  • How My Dog Nags At Me! #chester #dog #goldenretriever

    How My Dog Nags At Me! 16 Mar '14, 1pm

    I was sitting in front of the TV. My Korean drama has just finished. Me: Chester! Let’s go potty. Chester got up and walked to the door. I turned the TV channel to Astro Awani to see if there’s any new update on MH370. Got caught up with some interesting facts, so I sat in my sofa glu...

  • More goodies for sale at my blog. Dress, books, bag... check it out here:

    Blog Sale 01 Mar '14, 7am

    Hi dearies, this corner is my blog sale where I post new and used items like clothing, beauty, books, Tupperware, etc. They are the things that I no longer need, can’t wear, unsuitable, etc.

  • Chester Became Poop Machine After Eating Addiction Dog Food #dogfood #goldenretriever

    Chester Became Poop Machine After Eating Addiction Dog Food 25 Jan '14, 3pm

    The food transition from Canine Caviar to Addiction went smoothly except that yes he poops more often now. The most worrying point is Chester lose quite a lot of weight… like about 2kg+. He’s already 28kg+ and now he’s 26kg+ when we checked at the vet . He looks thin. And everyone I m...

  • Flower Petals On His Head #goldenretriever #chester

    Flower Petals On His Head 22 Feb '14, 7pm

    I noticed I haven’t snap Chester with my D80 for a long time. Ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 , I’ve been using that instead to photograph Chester. Main thing is because it’s super convenient. So last Friday I had a date with my

  • 2014 Chester’s Blood Report #goldenretriever

    2014 Chester’s Blood Report 18 Jan '14, 7am

    Called the doc for Chester’s result few days later and was told the globulin was high (out of range by 2 points). Other than that the rest of the results were good. Doc asked me whether there’s any lump on him. I told her there’s one at his butt (I had planned to tell the doc but forg...

  • New post: Chrysanthemums

    Chrysanthemums 07 Feb '14, 2pm

    Of all the flowers in the world, chrysanthemum is the only flower that is widely available in any florists in Malaysia. Don’t you agree, fellow Malaysians? These chrysanthemums are for Hokkien ‘pai ti kong’ (day 9 of Chinese New Year) – today. Trying to do a good job photographing the...

  • Treats for Chester & Giveaway 12 Sep '13, 6am

    The pet shop is so generous. Our pet shops over here does not give out goodies..the most is just a small little sample packet of dog/cat food. Most of all pet shops here have a rewards program…after so many purchase of the same dog food, you get 10 bucks off the next purchase, or bein...