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  • Busan + Jeonju Day 6: Bukyungdang Hanok Guesthouse, Jeonju Hanok Village Scenic Walk & Omokdae 14 Jul '14, 3pm

    Once we reached Bukyungdang Hanok Guesthouse 부경당 we were greeted by the owner, Mr Lee. He’s a really friendly and funny guy and his English is quite okay. Though sometimes he doesn’t understand us. He stay in the guesthouse too with his wife and baby. Right away he brought out local J...

  • Jji jim 찌짐 @ Busan, #korea So delish!

    Busan Day 5: Jagalchi Market, Gukje Market & Dinner at Lotteria (Part 2) 04 Jul '14, 3pm

    By the time we reached back at Seomyeon subway (nearest subway to our accommodation) at 8pm, we were really tired. Since I was a little bored with Korean food, we decided to have fast food at Lotteria. Lotteria is a Korean fast food restaurant. I had no idea that Korean has their very...

  • Cherry Blossom at Yeojwa Stream & Gyeonghwa Station #korea #jinhae #cherryblossom #spring

    Busan + Jinhae Day 5: Cherry Blossom at Yeojwa Stream & Gyeonghwa Station (Part 1) 21 Jun '14, 3pm

    Okay so after heading to the toilet, I saw our bus has arrived so I quickly called my mom and sis to hurry. We managed to get on the bus. BUT less than a minute later, my mom realized she has forgotten our extra bag (bag with our drinks, scarves and sweater). She left it hanging behin...

  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs #marcjacobs #fragrance #malaysia #bloggers #review

    Daisy by Marc Jacobs 01 Jun '14, 4am

    Anyway while I was checking out Daisy at Incheon airport shop, the sale lady told me the large size bottle is a perfume and I actually believed her. Also the fragrance were on sale and I was in a hurry (almost boarding time). So I bought the fragrance happily without checking what’s w...

  • The beautiful Seongsan Ilchulbong #travel #holiday #vacation #korea #jeju

    Jeju-do Self Drive Day 3: Yilin Pension & Seongsan Ilchulbong (Part 1) 22 May '14, 3pm

    Why I choose to stay in Seogwipo or rather why I choose to stay at Yilin Pension? I choose Seogwipo because I have stayed at Jeju City before. One thing that attracts me to Yilin Pension was its parking lot. The parking lot can accommodate about 8-10 cars I think. Secondly was because...

  • Stone painting of Chester #goldenretriever #dog #bloggers

    Stone Painting of Chester 05 May '14, 3pm

    brochure which talk about a stone and pastel pet artist named Suzi Chua. From that point on, I knew I have wanted her to paint a picture of Chester. Why it took 8 years? I didn’t have a nice picture of Chester at that time and also I thought it’s the right time NOW. Yes, the stone pai...

  • Chester Likes Dehydrated Treats from Barkery Oven

    Chester Likes Dehydrated Treats from Barkery Oven 07 Jun '14, 10am

    Chester was given few packets of dehydrated treats courtesy from Barkery Oven recently (tsk my dog is more famous than me!). Barkery Oven owner is Chui Shia, a petite lady who I have the pleasure to meet at her dog booth in Publika recently. She is a dog treats baker specializing in w...

  • Mini review of the #kdrama Full Sun @ Beyond the Clouds starring #yoonkyesang & #hanjihye

    태양은 가득히 Full Sun aka Beyond the Clouds (Korean Drama) 30 Apr '14, 2pm

    Full Sun is my favorite Korean drama this year. Reason why I love Beyond the Clouds so much: exceptional acting by Yoon Kye Sang, intense chemistry between Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye, good directing, so very lovely cinematography and good script writing. This drama does have some pl...