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February 12th, 2014 - It is not the song or music that wakes us up, it is when we wake up for something we do not like or look forward to imo. - Tan Wai Kit ...

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  • Office Poke War

    bolehland.net 04 Jun '15, 3pm

    Chicken commented on Wai Kit 2015 Birthday - True, money is replacable but time isn't. Money ... Nada commented on Four Years Same Place - Same here. I've work in the same company ... CoolBreeze commented on Wai Kit 2015 Birthday - Happy Belated Birthday Wai Kit!Aiseh Dan, like ... Pe...

  • Focus On Him

    bolehland.net 14 Aug '14, 3pm

    This was at Bookfest Malaysia 2014 in KLCC. His tips really helped a lot. Focus on him lol. He did a really great job and helped us a lot during that time. Thanks a lot!

    1. Focus On Him bolehland.net 13 Aug '14, 3pm
  • Humour Not Found:

    Humour Not Found

    bolehland.net 17 Dec '14, 3pm

    A lot of people who watched movie with me in the cinema seldom see me laughing my butts off. Sometimes i do worry myself if i did lose my sense of humour.

  • Y U No Add Me

    bolehland.net 10 Dec '14, 2pm

    Blackscreamerz commented on Y U No Add Me - This type of ppl is an idiot. ... Lex commented on 2 Weeks Leave - Can cancel leave and save for another occasion ... Anonymous commented on Cabut Satu Keluar Dua - my grandma said cabut satu keluar tiga,cabut tiga ... Anonymous commented on...

  • Will Not Not Buy

    bolehland.net 19 Nov '14, 1pm

    Lee commented on Oh So Handsome - Wah and here I thought you finally have ... amin commented on Old Fashion Artist - everyone have their own style. its the trademark.. ... amin commented on Rich Talk - xperasa pun tu ernest.. ... amin commented on Checking My Phone - one in a day. not...

  • Sharing My KFC

    bolehland.net 29 Oct '14, 2pm

    Dickheadmaster69 commented on Must Exercise - Suck my ... kekanda_puteh commented on Must Exercise - b'cos u not exercise for ur abs... ... ThatEuru'bean' commented on Holding Her Hand - Hi! ... waffle commented on Serenading Like Kit - Remember singing is part talent and practise...Y...

  • Rich Talk

    bolehland.net 10 Sep '14, 2pm

    Lonely Reload commented on Rich Talk - lol, totally ... Simon Seow commented on Old Fashion Artist - New tech doesn't really mean good. Keep up ... Abraham Lee commented on A Turning Too Late - IS this a comic book? ... sumbuddy commented on A Turning Too Late - The final expression. ...

  • Showering In The Heat

    bolehland.net 20 Aug '14, 2pm

    strikeclow commented on Focus On Him - My friend tought me this crazy way of ... saifnazri commented on Focus On Him - When i got stage fright, i'll always try ... Urnus commented on Focus On Him - Haha, usually when I'm on stage, I never ... kuntilanak commented on Jogging Breath - @...