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February 12th, 2014 - It is not the song or music that wakes us up, it is when we wake up for something we do not like or look forward to imo. - Tan Wai Kit ...

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  • 404 Idea Not Found

    bolehland.net 09 Apr '14, 1pm

    passerby commented on 404 Idea Not Found - Yeah. Or too much golf kill creativity ... Pek Chek Kia commented on 404 Idea Not Found - Yeah. Too much work kill creativity ... mimiejay commented on Dan With A Fan - I didn't know Dankhoo as a youtuber until ... superonn commented on Bicep...

  • Lost Car In The Mall:

    Lost Car In The Mall

    bolehland.net 12 Mar '14, 3pm

    Since that day everytime i leave my car in the parking lot i will always snap a pic of where i parked just in case.. Also i would like to stress that this comic have nothing to do with the missing plane incident that just happened, we should all pray and hope for any good news for fli...

  • Bicep and Tricep

    bolehland.net 19 Mar '14, 3pm

    shah commented on Bicep and Tricep - steroids!!!!! ... Lex commented on Lost Car In The Mall - Spam your car remote LOL! Sushi ... Gailus Li commented on Alarm Tone - Your boss no scold you ah? ... pakoi commented on Dentist Phobia - free or pay? ... Hsmimie commented on Dentist Phobi...

  • Dentist Phobia:

    Dentist Phobia

    bolehland.net 26 Feb '14, 2pm

    Try to pay attention to what you actually feel in your mouth. If you discount the noise in your ear, you'd notice that it doesn't hurt actually, save some few short accidental moments. (Assuming that you're talking about scaling, that is).

  • Wishing you've got a job? Think again! Great comic by the talented folks at @the_bolehland.

    Jobless and Job

    bolehland.net 23 Oct '13, 4pm

    I wanna get money without working, despite enjoying my current job. heheh XD Oh, I blogged about your artwork for me during Churpout. I should have taken a photo with you, Wai Kit... I forgot. Total fails~ http://nana-eddy.blogspot.com/2013/10/comic-bloggers-churpout-2013.html

    1. Jobless and Job bolehland.net 22 Oct '13, 3pm
  • PS3 Games

    bolehland.net 15 Oct '13, 4pm

    yuyue commented on PS3 Games - you can always rent a game from game ... Pisang Goreng commented on PS3 Games - Go pirate PS3 games lor if you want ... Kian commented on PS3 Games - You buy what game bro?? My awesome games ... sum1 commented on Why No Park - I can freaking relate. I fe...

  • Why No Park

    bolehland.net 13 Oct '13, 3pm

    nur fadzila commented on Chicken Pau - I know that feel....so far I haven't ... amin commented on Chicken Pau - pau nowadays, not having a full filling anymore.. ... Rach commented on Chicken Pau - pau nowadays~ I still remember last time the ... Joe commented on So Called Boring Dinn...

  • Spark Feeling Adrenaline

    bolehland.net 01 Oct '13, 3pm

    lyw commented on So Called Boring Dinner - youngsters nowadays *hint WaiKit* :p ishhhh!!! ... NanaEddy commented on So Called Boring Dinner - I tend to sit with the older people ... sum1 commented on So Called Boring Dinner - I think he saw your facial expression... so ... Daniel Y. c...