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  • Rainforest World Music Festival 2015:

    Rainforest World Music Festival 2015 20 Apr '15, 3am

    The Rainforest World Music Festival pr RWMF has also been recognised as 25 of the Best International Festivals to Attend in the World by SongLines Magazine. This amazing feat has also been awarded to the RWMF for 6 consecutive years since 2010. The festival has also won many other awa...

  • A Journey to the Bario Highlands in Sarawak 13 Apr '15, 10am

    To me, Bario showcases an amazing unique lifestyle and culture which is hardly seen in today's travels for most people. The locals here still practise centuries old traditions and live simple lives unlike the fast moving life that most of us face in the cities of towns. I am very glad...

  • Canopy Walks in 17 Apr '15, 4am

    For the outdoor and nature lover, did you know that there are quite a number of amazing Canopy Walks in Malaysia ? Yes, these jungle or rainforest tree top walks or skywalks seem to be a must have activity at most national parks and forest reserves around the country. As I am avid out...

  • Matta Fair September 2015 03 Apr '15, 3pm

    While the industry awaits the updates on the next travel fair here in Malaysia, you can be sure that the fair will have even better travel deals and packages due to the year end holidays here in Malaysia. I will provide updates on anything new and interesting once the news is out. The...

  • Luang Prabang Night Market in Laos - #LuangPrabang #Laos #Markets #travel #ttot

    Luang Prabang Night Market in Laos 04 Apr '15, 4pm

    is one of the must visit places when staying here. A few local markets are found in the UNESCO town of Luang Prabang including the famous Hmong Night Market, Day Market, Dara Market and also the general local market. The night market is also known as the Hmong Handicraft Market and th...

  • Naruto Musical Live in 02 Apr '15, 4pm

    As for activities around the MIECC, you will find a number of shopping malls in the area. The main one is of course, the Mines Shopping Center which is connected to the MIECC and also Mines Wonderland, a theme park. Nearby is also South City Plaza, another shopping mall. Other than th...

  • Social Media Statistics 2014 31 Mar '15, 3pm

    A few years ago, I remember speaking at a social media conferences in Malaysia when things were still new, and I spoke of how social media would change Malaysians, it has happened in recent years but back then, people laughed at me. I also touched on the topic of how companies should ...

  • Events in Sarawak for 2015:

    Events in Sarawak for 2015 26 Mar '15, 3am

    The significance of regattas in Sarawak dates back to 1872 during the James Brooke era where it started with the intention to stop racial wars among local tribes where headhunting was largely practised. James Brooke then instructed all tribes to instead challenge each other by having ...

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