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  • Events in Sarawak for 2015:

    Events in Sarawak for 2015 26 Mar '15, 3am

    The significance of regattas in Sarawak dates back to 1872 during the James Brooke era where it started with the intention to stop racial wars among local tribes where headhunting was largely practised. James Brooke then instructed all tribes to instead challenge each other by having ...

  • Future Music Festival in Singapore Cancelled

    Future Music Festival in Singapore Cancelled 09 Mar '15, 1pm

    Future Music Festival Asia in Singapore has been cancelled, after its organisers failed to obtain a licence to run the show. FMFA 2015 was scheduled to be held on 13th Friday and 14th Saturday, March at Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore. This follows the cancellation of the third ...

  • Music Festivals in 05 Mar '15, 3pm

    The mother-of-all music festivals in Sarawak and Malaysia - the Rainforest World Music Festival which has been around for 16 years, and is recognized as one of the 25 music festivals in the world to visit. This unique festival sees over 15,000 visitors over a 3-day weekend at the Sara...

  • Miri Diving Sites

    Miri Diving Sites 26 Feb '15, 4am

    For those who have not dived here, the Miri Diving Sites are well scattered just outside the resort city of Miri in Sarawak and while Miri is not that well known for diving, it is now being promoted by the Sarawak Tourism Board and also Tourism Malaysia as one of the must-dive areas i...

  • New Zouk KL

    New Zouk KL 15 Feb '15, 5am

    While news was out that Zouk KL was to move to the new TREC KL in January 2015, there has been minor delays where the owners are now planning for the opening somewhere in the second quarter of 2015. This means the former location at Jalan Ampang will fully relocate here to the busy en...


    GOASEAN TV 29 Jan '15, 12pm

    A new TV channel called GOASEAN TV will be on air this coming June 2015 which will be aired 24/7, on four-hour cycles of six loops, showcasing destinations and tourism products in different concepts and formats to suit a variety of interests, from tourism trivia, travel news and docum...

  • Live Band Music Festival - MMF2015 28 Feb '15, 8am

    Formed in 2008, the band has had amazing response over the years and in 2011, Kyoto Protocol received a nomination for 'Best New Artist' from Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) in Malaysia following the success of their EP which was cheekily entitled "An Album" in the same year. They have ...

    1. Music Festivals in 05 Mar '15, 3pm
  • Review of the Haidu Hotel in Dali, #China - #Hotel #Dali #Yunnan #travel #ttot

    Haidu Hotel in Dali, China 01 Mar '15, 3pm

    Haidu Hotel in Dali, China Review - Among the hotels I have stayed in China over the last two years, this one takes the cake as being one of the most unique for me. Well, the name is pretty general but when I set foot at the main entrance of the hotel, I thought that we were lost and ...

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