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  • Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok

    Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok 29 Apr '17, 7am

    In total, there are plans to have over 1000 stalls here when it is fully operational and due to social media and wide media coverage, Talad Neon is gaining popularity fast, especially to the Southeast Asian youth. One of the reasons is the location, where many travelers prefer to stay...

  • Smoke House Rumah Asap in Miri 18 Apr '17, 3am

    It has been a very long time since I wrote about food but the Smokehouse or Rumah Asap in Miri is something I have to share with you as it totally blew my mind away. You see, when my Sarawakian friend Kevin told me about this place a couple of years ago, I never did imagine how it wou...

  • Horizon Village Outlets (HVO) to open in 2018

    Horizon Village Outlets (HVO) 20 Apr '17, 4am

    Horizon Village Outlets (HVO) is designed to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver an unrivalled outlet shopping experience. The racetrack circulation design was specifically developed by the architects, Adam & Associates, and has been proven to encourage intuitive wayfinding by ...

  • Cabin Zero Travel Bag Review

    Cabin Zero Travel Bag Review 19 Apr '17, 3am

    Over the years, I have used quite a number of travel bags which came in small, medium and large units and from time to time, I would have a favourite bag, until I met Cabin Zero. Usually, I travel for short to medium trips as I am not one of those world nomads who travel from country ...

  • Diving at Mataking Island 17 Apr '17, 11am

    House Reef - The most popular site around the main jetty area of the island. The house reef is rich with corals and fishes, so this is one place worth diving. On occasion, you have the opportunity to see a large barracuda here. Bohayan - This site is located on one of the many nearby ...

  • Souq Waqif in Doha 12 Apr '17, 10am

    Souq Waqif is located in the center of Doha City and in the district of Al Souq and between Al Asmakh Street and Al Ahmed Street. Anyone visiting Doha will most definitely be introduced to this Middle East styled market. There is another Souq Waqif which is in the Al Wakrah, and visit...

  • Regatta Lepa 2017 16 Apr '17, 10am

    will be taking place from 21-23 April in the town of Semporna, in east coast Sabah. This is also the 24th year that the unique Regatta has been taking place here. Originally paying homage to the nomadic sea Bajau people, the event hast now been accepted as one of the important traditi...

  • Disney Explorers Lodge 18 Apr '17, 1pm

    Four lush gardens frame the four wings of the seven-story Disney Explorers Lodge hotel, offering each hotel room either a refreshing view of the gardens or the open sea. The gardens, themed after the cultures of Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania, are named after beloved characte...

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