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  • Koh Lipe Island in Southern #Thailand

    Koh Lipe Thailand 19 Nov '17, 2pm

    Koh Lipe is also easily accessible as there are various ways from Phuket, Ko Lanta, Pak Barra and also Langkawi Island in Malaysia. I did an article on this and you can find out more information about Getting To Koh Lipe . The great thing is that there are no airports so the only way ...

  • Try the authentic Ipoh White Coffee at Wah Nam Cafe

    Ipoh White Coffee Wah Nam Cafe 19 Nov '17, 3pm

    Ipoh White Coffee has it's own little secret on how it is done to reach that distinguished flavor. From the way the beans are roasted right till who is preparing it. I'll be straight forward here - Not just anyone can do it correctly. Meaning, if you buy the coffee off the shelf and t...

  • Have you ever been up to Fraser's Hill?

    Fraser's Hill 19 Nov '17, 1pm

    has always been one of the known places to get away for the weekend or even a day trip place to visit by most local Malaysians and for some travelers. Another reason to visit Fraser’s Hill would be for the rich nature and Eco-tourism offered here. Bird watchers and nature enthusiast a...

  • Factory Outlets in Dago, #Bandung

    Dago Factory Outlets in Bandung, Indonesia 19 Nov '17, 1pm

    Dago Factory Outlets in Bandung are one of the many choices of places to visit while shopping in this part of Indonesia. The area is very popular with Malaysians and Singaporeans, and they also cater to the people from Jakarta that come there for the weekends to buy up everything. Sin...

  • Ipa Nima Bags in Hanoi

    Ipa Nima Bag Store in Hanoi, Vietnam 19 Nov '17, 3pm

    As Lilian made her way around the store, she must have looked at twenty bags here. Selecting one wasn't easy as everything looked really nice. What made it more interesting was that the previous season collection of bags here was on sale. Up to 50% was offered on selected items while ...

  • Crumpler Bags in Hanoi, Vietnam 19 Nov '17, 3pm

    Another popular landmark for this is the Water Puppet Show in Hanoi. The street selling these bags is just about a hundred meters from this attraction. Walking along the busy street here, I must have seen at least 10 shops selling all kinds of bags. Note that not all the shops sell Cr...

  • Qatar Airways #Doha to #Penang Direct Flights to start in Feb 2018

    Qatar Airways Doha to Penang Flights Launched 01 Nov '17, 11am

    world's smallest national park which is easily visited in just half a day. Temples of all sorts away the cultural tourist while exploring the UNESCO core heritage zone in George Town by foot is an adventure waiting to b experienced. For anyone heading to Penang for the first time, you...

  • IST Malaysia Scuba Diving Products

    IST Malaysia Scuba Diving Products 08 Nov '17, 11am

    With 40 years of production experience, IST Malaysia scuba diving products are now available as a choice of reliable equipment for all divers out there. The brand which originates from Taiwan also has a strong presence in over 200 countries around the world, and now available here in ...

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