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  • Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok, Thailand

    Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok, Thailand 19 Oct '14, 11am

    Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok , Thailand once completed in 2019 will be the tallest structure in Southeast Asia and ASEAN. This was recently announced during a ground breaking press conference held in Bangkok in October 2014. The 320,000-sqm Rama IX Super Tower will measure 125 store...

  • Diving at Anilao, #Philippines - #Anilao #scuba #diving #scubadiving #diver #ttot #travel

    Anilao Diving in the Philippines 18 Oct '14, 2pm

    Apart from diving, there is generally not much to do around here but just bond and hang out with your group. There are several local restaurants and bars in the vicinity which you can explore too. However, it is highly recommended that you get what you need from Manila before you head...

  • Lao Food in Vientiane, #Laos - #travel #food #foodie #ttot #LaoFood #Vientiane

    Lao Food in Vientiane, Laos 12 Oct '14, 2pm

    in general is pretty interesting to try. I had the pleasure of trying most of them while on my 9 day visit there. From local Lao hawker food to Lao restaurant food, I must say that it was quite an experience for me. Similar to Thailand and Vietnam cuisine, the Lao people also have a m...

  • 30-day extension of stay for visitors to Thailand

    30-day extension of stay for visitors to Thailand 30 Aug '14, 2am

    30-day extension of stay for visitors to Thailand Good news for those planning to visit or stay longer in Thailand. In another recent positive move to boost the Thai travel and tourism industry, the Immigration Bureau has allowed citizens of 48 countries and Hong Kong SAR to get a 30-...

  • Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Dali

    Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Dali 24 Aug '14, 12pm

    The Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Dali are one of my recommended must-visit attractions if anyone is planning to visit this beautiful and historical part of China. Having heard of this place through a friend, I was quite excited to actually visit this heritage site here in the...

  • What is the Borneo Bird Race?

    What is the Borneo Bird Race? 10 Sep '14, 9am

    For any bird enthusiast or birders out there, this would be one of the best platforms to spot the unique birds in the vast rainforest of Borneo. Your journey will take you across three regions of the island of Borneo seeing the different conditions and birds at every stop. You will al...

  • Jazz Festivals in Malaysia via @MalaysiaAsia

    Jazz Festivals in 23 Sep '14, 8am

    Jazz Festivals in Malaysia seem to have grown tremendously over the last ten years or so. No longer a selective or niche music genre, jazz in Malaysia has become more commercialized with the introduction of local and international festivals held throughout the country, over here in th...

  • The beautiful and stunning Mabul Island in #Sabah #Borneo - #Mabul #island #scuba #diving #diver

    Mabul Island 16 Sep '14, 4am

    There is no doubt that the main attraction here is scuba diving as the reefs around the island boasts of incredible marine life and corals. Some claim that one of the best in the region too. As a diver myself, I have been diving here with over 100 dives in just two years exploring the...

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