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  • Tokyo Metro, The Best Way To Explore Tokyo 26 Mar '17, 2pm

    While many may have visited Japan over the years, I am sure that all kinds of transportation was used for your travels. This article will highlight one of the best way to explore Tokyo with the Tokyo Metro Subway system. For me, having visited and worked Tokyo in 1990 to 1992, I was a...

  • Tourist Arrivals To Malaysia Statistics

    Tourist Arrivals To 14 Mar '17, 7am

    For future, the Malaysian Tourism Minister said that Malaysia had set a target of 36 million tourist arrivals into the country and RM168 billion in receipts by the year 2020. Again, this all depends n how the ministry is going to promote the country. Right now, the currency is at an a...

  • Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas at Genting Highlands

    Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas 04 Mar '17, 7am

    In total, there are 99 gondolas available for the new Awana Skyway, and out of that, 10 special gondolas come with the glass bottom floors with a seating capacity of six persons. The speed of the cable car system is 6 meters per second and in total, 3,000 passengers can be moved every...

  • Theme Parks in Perak 08 Mar '17, 7am

    The capital of Perak is Ipoh and was once known as a miners town, is only two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Nowadays, Ipoh is thriving with activity, namely for the famous Ipoh food and its revamped heritage tourism spots. Travelers now head to Ipoh for day trips or even as a stopove...

  • Matta Fair 2017 Tokyo Travel Packages

    Tokyo Travel Packages at Matta Fair 2017 01 Mar '17, 3am

    A number of visitors would also choose to do dual cities like Tokyo and Osaka for their Japan trip, and usually this would be a 6-7 day trip, but it could also be quite a rush trip. A better solution would be to do them individually and during different times of the year, to experienc...

  • Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2017 -

    Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2017 - 04 Feb '17, 7am

    Those who are into birds, birding or nature, and visiting Kuala Lumpur at the end of February, you should make it a point to drop by or even participate in this years Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2017. This would be a great opportunity to see and experience the Malaysian natu...

  • Taman Negara Tour Packages 11 Mar '17, 1pm

    Please note that all tours are minimum two persons or 2 to go. If you are a single traveler, you can either wait to see if there are others going, and then you can join in. If no one else is going, then you have to pay the two person price. Alternatively, some Taman Negara packages ha...

  • lol no wonder no international artist comes here or rarely comes here HATE living here and being a fangirl DONE

    Banned Concerts in 15 Feb '17, 4am

    have become sort of a trend after a number of mega superstars have either been banned from performing in Malaysia or simply cancelling their concerts here due to many restrictions from various authorities. Malaysia had made international news time and time again for banning concert sh...

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