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4 days ago ... An Australian beauty blogger who loves makeup, skincare, shopping and has an unhealthy adoration for blush, bags, shoes and chocolate.

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  • BLOGGED :: Let’s Talk About A Beauty Brand: Clinique https://t.co/uYSagoJo85

    Let’s Talk About A Beauty Brand: Clinique - Beautyholics Anonymous

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 02 Jun '16, 9pm

    Here’s a bit of a fun story – back in uni (this was in the UK), I introduced Clinique to a couple of friends, one who’s a guy and the other a girl. Both hadn’t used any sort of skincare other than a basic cleanser and moisturiser, and after hearing me wax lyrical about the brand and t...

  • BLOGGED :: I'm Back And It's Time For A Change!

    I'm Back And It's Time For A Change! - Beautyholics Anonymous

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 01 May '16, 8pm

    I was in Malaysia for almost 3 weeks. It was lovely spending time with my family and close friends. Saw my beautiful nephew E for the first time, fell utterly in love and made me even cluckier than I already am. Suffered the terrible heat in Malaysia. It was unusually hot and dry in M...

  • BLOGGED :: Mum’s Vanity Area https://t.co/LjuL9DNr0U

    Mum’s Vanity Area - Beautyholics Anonymous

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 29 May '16, 9pm

    I’ve always been very fascinated with Mum’s dressing table. She displays the perfumes my dad bought her proudly and her many, MANY bottles, jars and tubes of lotions and potions. Years ago, I asked her if she really used every single skincare product on her dressing table and she said...

  • BLOGGED :: Do You Clip It? Or Do You File It?

    Do You Clip It? Or Do You File It? - Beautyholics Anonymous

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 13 Mar '16, 8pm

    My mum used to clip my nails for me when I was growing up. I absolutely adored this little routine that the two of us shared. When she needs to clip or file her nails, she’d ask “Tine, do you want to clip your nails too? ” and it will always be met with a resounding “YES!”. What I lov...

  • This is a review of the first Taiwanese sunscreen I've tried and it's pretty damn amazing!

    Review: UNT UV Total SPF50

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 07 Feb '16, 8pm

    Unfortunately, the sunscreen doesn’t come with a list of ingredients, or at least, I could have been given a bottle without a box, if it came in one. The UNT website doesn’t list the full ingredients (tsk tsk! ), only that it contains Tinosorb and zinc oxide as the sunscreen’s active ...

  • Time to recap my goals for 2015 and their results, and making new ones for 2016. What's yours?

    2015 Goals Recap And New Ones For 2016 – Beautyholics Anonymous

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 03 Jan '16, 8pm

    I didn’t end up doing a photography course like I originally wanted but I did go to the Problogger Event conference in August and again, I had no regrets in going. It was more expensive this time as it was in a swankier hotel but the experience and lessons I got from the conference wa...

  • Who Owns What? – Beautyholics Anonymous

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 26 Dec '15, 1pm

    Estee Lauder owns Aramis, Aveda, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Bumble & Bumble, Darphin, Prescriptives, M.A.C., Jo Malone, Origins, Ojon, American Beauty, Flirt, Good Skin and Creme de la Mer. L’oreal owns Maybelline, Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, BioMedic, Vichy, Biotherm, La Roche Posay, Red...

  • 8 books bloggers should read - via @PegFitzpatrick

    Bloggie Wednesday: 8 Books Bloggers Should Read

    beautyholicsanonymous.com 23 Jul '15, 11pm

    Since I wrote about a book yesterday, I thought I’d continue with more books that you might like to check out. This time, it’s not so much about beauty but books that bloggers should check out if they’d like to learn more about blogging, growing their web presence and ultimately marke...


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