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  • Something Strange Happening – Bangladesh and Pakistan Cyber Hacking 05 Sep '12, 6pm

    This is a quick post from me. It has been a crazy days as I was busy with my other tasks and this blog was compromised by an attack. I still can’t believe that a WordPress 3.4.1 can still have some loopholes as it is the latest version at the time that I’m writing this post and my blo...

  • H4ck3D_BY_F49uN_R41N 05 Sep '12, 2pm

    Posted on September 5, 2012 by reena Hacked By F49uN_R41N [Hacked by F49uN_R41N] Your site is got hacked by F49uN_R41N & owned by Bangladesh Cyber Army Check out your security otherwise you will be fucked again & again by me or another one. Greetz : <embedsrc=”

  • Some highly practiced blog marketing techniques 05 Apr '12, 8pm

    If you fail to market your blog properly; your internet marketing career might not get anywhere near success. Here are some highly practiced blog marketing techniques. Your keyword should be present in the headline; although this sounds easy but several people still get it messed up. ...

  • What Is Google Safe Backlinks Count per Day

    What Is Google Safe Backlinks Count per Day | SEO And Blogging Tips | 11 Jul '13, 9am

    Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Please check out my High Quality SEO Link Building Service from relevant PR2+ pages only. Thank you for visiting! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Ple...

  • what this term is all about? 22 May '12, 8pm

    Almost everyone knows about blogging living in today’s society. Everything is getting online therefore so many new blogs keep on adding up to the count every day. Already there are unending blogs being run on the web and the count does not stop anywhere. The main reason being that you...

  • All You Need to Know about Article Marketing 20 May '12, 9pm

    Article marketing is a field of variety and immense capabilities these days because people for a variety of different reasons like to go online and figure out about things that they need suitable information about. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have plenty of articles and relat...

  • Milestone Defined for Million Dream – Panda and Penguin Hunters 07 Aug '12, 1am

    Planning is the basic step to for any implementation process. Setting up the milestone planning to reach my first million is the first phase. I have break the target to 11 smaller steps as below: Step 1 – $1,000 Step 2 – $2,000 Step 3 – $4,000 Step 4 – $8,000 Step 5 – $16,000 Step 6 –...

    1. The Malaysian Dream 07 Aug '12, 5am
  • Fundamentals of appropriate SEO content creation 15 May '12, 8pm

    Every day there are hundreds of website and blogs being made and put up on the web. There is so much competition in every single niche today. If you plan on launching your own website or maybe if you already have; getting ahead of your competitors or at least of most of them will not ...