4 days ago ... I can't believe it's almost a month since I stepped foot in Melbourne. Uni started a week ago and we already have things do to. I've made new ...

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  • Homesickness

    angelkein.com 09 Apr '14, 12pm

    I think it has finally hit. I miss Malaysia. I miss my mother, I miss my friends, I miss my church, I miss home, I miss familiarity. But don't get me wrong, I still kinda like being here in Melbourne. I miss home, though. I think I needed to take time away from Malaysia to truly appre...

  • Blog Updated

    Things I Love

    angelkein.com 24 Mar '14, 10am

    Guys, I finally gave in and signed up on Etsy. I've spent a shameful amount of hours today just admiring people's work on there and building up my sadness on not being able to purchase things because I am not the 1%. Hurr hurr. Can't hurt to dream though, because I've found some prett...

  • Thousand Steps

    angelkein.com 10 Mar '14, 6am

    Life here is pretty busy. With work and uni, there's very limited time to lay back and relax, but I've allowed myself at least a day of rest each week. The days M and I meet each other varies, sometimes few days in a row and other times once a week, so I usually prioritize Sundays to ...

  • Gosh, how do you have so much faith?

    angelkein.com 02 Mar '14, 4am

    It's been a long time since I've freely purged my thoughts here without thinking about the comments and judgment I'd receive, but today is one of those i-dont-care-anymore days and I am not hesitating one bit to speak my mind. You know what's difficult? Being a Christian. I think perh...

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    Park 230214

    angelkein.com 25 Feb '14, 7am

    my name is angelina kein, an aspiring graphic designer from malaysia, currently in australia. i like to take pictures, paint, draw, illustrate. from God, for God.

  • Hello Melbourne

    angelkein.com 18 Jan '14, 11am

    It's my 4th day in this country. When I arrived at M's house, I was welcomed with hugs, kisses, and a basket filled with goodies, which touched me so much, especially the Daughter tickets that made me teared up. K, the lovely lady I've been living with, has been the most gracious woma...

  • Christmas 2013: The Season of I-Am-Loved

    angelkein.com 24 Dec '13, 10am

    Here ye, here ye, Angelina has gotten hold of internet. In my weeks of hiatus, much new events in my life have occurred. To give you the shortest possible summary I can conjure: I no longer have internet, I am working in a famous Japanese retail store (until the end of this month beca...

  • Let The Vlogging Start

    angelkein.com 07 Sep '13, 4pm

    Hey guys, remember that time when I wrote about wanting to start vlogging on important days? Well, I have, or rather, we have. Mat and I had watched a few couple's vlogs on youtube and decided that we should try it too, for the sake of reinforcing our friends and family that we each a...