4 days ago ... I can't believe it's almost a month since I stepped foot in Melbourne. Uni started a week ago and we already have things do to. I've made new ...

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  • Took to the streets of Melbourne to capture some pictures of the beautiful city and its people. Blog updated!

    Crush on Melbourne

    angelkein.com 20 May '14, 2pm

    I've been struggling lately to find love for Melbourne. It's such a beautiful place, don't get me wrong! But I fell out of love with it for awhile, until yesterday. I think I've fallen for Melbourne again, or at least have a crush. We're taking it slow, *wink. Few of us graphic design...

  • The largest floating book store in the world!

    Logos Hope

    angelkein.com 22 Oct '11, 4pm

    An umbrella in his hand and a gentle smile on his face; what a nice sight to take in before walking into the Logos ship. I fear that my lack of a social life has made every guy look possibly more attractive than they are..but wait, no, there were definitely many attractive employees o...

  • Let The Vlogging Start

    angelkein.com 07 Sep '13, 4pm

    Hey guys, remember that time when I wrote about wanting to start vlogging on important days? Well, I have, or rather, we have. Mat and I had watched a few couple's vlogs on youtube and decided that we should try it too, for the sake of reinforcing our friends and family that we each a...

  • "David's voice was so fine, like jaw-dropping fine..."

    AngelKein ♥: David Archuleta Live! 2011

    angelkein.com 09 Aug '11, 6pm

    David's voice was so fine, like jaw-dropping fine. He started with Stomping on Roses and literally stomped on roses which I thought was such a cute touch. :)) And David's so adorable, pinch-cheeks adorable, and not to mention sweet too! Right before he was about to sing My Kind Of Per...

  • Staying True To You

    Staying True To You — ANGELKEIN : Design + Photography

    angelkein.com 18 Jun '15, 8am

    Recently I have been struggling to find my creative identity. I think much of it has to do with my excessive stalking of artists on Instagram. I'm constantly going "omg i love that i want to do something like that". It's what I do for fun, just looking at what other people have create...

  • Eat, Sleep, Design Repeat; Handlettered on FSC notebooks

    Eat, Sleep, Design Repeat; Handlettered on FSC notebooks — ANGELKEIN : Design + Photography

    angelkein.com 04 Jun '15, 1am

    University has resumed again and I've decided to start taking notes again. I don't think I'll ever get over the analogue way to record information. It's more personal and has more intimate value when years build. Last uni trimester I tried recording my thoughts and learning through an...

  • Hustle: Free Wallpaper — ANGELKEIN : Design + Photography

    angelkein.com 01 Jun '15, 1am

    Hey! It's June already! How absolutely crazy. I've been thinking of making a wallpaper for you guys for a long time now but I've just not cracked on to what I would do but I've finally sat down and made this! I've created a wallpaper for both your desktop and phone. This was made with...

  • Let's play some sports, kids!

    Let's play some sports, kids!

    angelkein.com 31 Oct '11, 12pm

    Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates; I've been busy with my school's magazine/newsletter thing which is consuming a lot of my time, sigh. The pictures above are just some of the pictures I took for the 'sports' section of the magazine. There's more pictures I'd like to share soon!...