4 days ago ... I can't believe it's almost a month since I stepped foot in Melbourne. Uni started a week ago and we already have things do to. I've made new ...

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  • Hello, Myself

    angelkein.com 07 May '15, 2am

    The trimester's finally ended. 12 weeks of intense days and nights have finally come to an end and we finally have a finished product. We were given an assignment to create a coffee book to touch of some subjects of issues such as homelessness, growth of technology, and body image. My...

  • Blog updated on Christmas 2014

    Christmas 2014

    angelkein.com 26 Dec '14, 11am

    I've had a very nice Christmas, the nicest one, if I dare say, I've ever had for the entirety of my life. It's not like I did much. On the contrary actually. There were just food, people, some drinks, and a dash of love. I'm home now on my Mac of which I've not been on for days and I'...

  • Took to the streets of Melbourne to capture some pictures of the beautiful city and its people. Blog updated!

    Crush on Melbourne

    angelkein.com 20 May '14, 2pm

    I've been struggling lately to find love for Melbourne. It's such a beautiful place, don't get me wrong! But I fell out of love with it for awhile, until yesterday. I think I've fallen for Melbourne again, or at least have a crush. We're taking it slow, *wink. Few of us graphic design...

  • Blog Updated: Graffiti Lanes- Street Art Melbourne

    Graffiti Lanes- Street Art Melbourne

    angelkein.com 27 May '14, 4am

    I've seen a lot of Melbourne the past few weeks and have met and done so many things. Sometimes I get so caught up with all my silly troubles that I forget that I'm in living in one of the greatest cities in the world. The other day I met lovely Andrea for a hunt for graffiti lanes, s...

  • Let The Vlogging Start

    angelkein.com 07 Sep '13, 4pm

    Hey guys, remember that time when I wrote about wanting to start vlogging on important days? Well, I have, or rather, we have. Mat and I had watched a few couple's vlogs on youtube and decided that we should try it too, for the sake of reinforcing our friends and family that we each a...

  • Updated


    angelkein.com 18 May '14, 9am

    my name is angelina kein, an aspiring graphic designer from malaysia, currently in australia. i like to take pictures, paint, draw, illustrate. from God, for God.

  • Homesickness

    angelkein.com 09 Apr '14, 12pm

    I think it has finally hit. I miss Malaysia. I miss my mother, I miss my friends, I miss my church, I miss home, I miss familiarity. But don't get me wrong, I still kinda like being here in Melbourne. I miss home, though. I think I needed to take time away from Malaysia to truly appre...

  • Blog Updated

    Things I Love

    angelkein.com 24 Mar '14, 10am

    Guys, I finally gave in and signed up on Etsy. I've spent a shameful amount of hours today just admiring people's work on there and building up my sadness on not being able to purchase things because I am not the 1%. Hurr hurr. Can't hurt to dream though, because I've found some prett...