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  • 7 points the difference The Singapore Slingers out played the Brunei Barracudas 81 to 74 last night in

    7 points the difference

    anakbrunei.net 04 Mar '17, 2pm

    The Singapore Slingers out played the Brunei Barracudas 81 to 74 last night in a nerve-wracking game. Chris Commons who had a massive 37-point game, but despite double-digit scoring contributions from Ramsey Williams (15 points) and Chester Tolomia (11), the team finally ran out of st...

  • The Singapore National Day Reception

    anakbrunei.net 30 Jan '17, 8pm

    His Excellency also expressed pleasure that Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has donated the honorarium given to him for delivering a lecture, to fund a Singapore Scholarship named after the Seri Begawan, a resounding reminder to the younger generation of Singapore’s close relation with B...

  • Bru-OZ Games 2007

    Bru-OZ Games 2007

    anakbrunei.net 22 Oct '16, 7pm

    What a hot morning it was for the Bru-OZ Games! Amid searing heat, team after team got onto the courts to compete in both futsal and netball . It provided rich pickings for both the street and sport photographer. There were a few familiar faces and I met a fellow photo blogger, Papz ,...

  • Smarter Talent Show 2007

    Smarter Talent Show 2007

    anakbrunei.net 18 Sep '16, 1am

    Semuanya adalah anugerah dari yang Maha Isa, we love our children very much no matter how hard it is to handle them and it makes us a better person who can face the challenge. Next event will be the conference in sept, hope to see more public supports and you will see the reality of h...

  • Brunei Singapore Commemorative Notes Launched

    Brunei Singapore Commemorative Notes Launched

    anakbrunei.net 05 Jul '17, 9am

    The back design of the note portrays the close collaboration between Brunei Darussalam and Singapore in the areas of defence, education and tourism. The bilateral defence cooperation is depicted by military personnel from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces and the Singapore Armed Forces in...

  • READ:

    Why The Ones Who Have Bad Grades Are Often The Ones Who Are Most Successful | Elite Daily

    anakbrunei.net 09 Feb '14, 4am

    This is an ode to all students who have ever gotten B’s, C’s, D’s (and sometimes even failed). It’s a declaration to the kids who calculated the exact number of points they needed to get on their finals in order to pass. For years, society has placed a disgustingly large stigma on bad...

  • Fancy a UK education?

    Fancy a UK education?

    anakbrunei.net 23 Oct '16, 3am

    17 UK education institutions are taking part in the exhibition. Also taking part are local organisations such as the CfBT Education Services Sdn Bhd, HSBC, Takaful IBB Berhad, Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Unit, Public Service Department and the Scholarship Unit of the Mini...

  • Zooming at the Centrepoint

    Zooming at the Centrepoint

    anakbrunei.net 22 Oct '16, 11am

    Pics taken yesterday afternoon at the Zoom carnival which is taking place on the 7th floor of Gadong Centerpoint until tomorrow. It was pretty quiet when I was there, but the Pelangi DJ’s did a good job of livening things up with their live show and games. Looks like da gangsta went d...


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