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2 days ago ... Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |. Honestly, I still miss the hotel room a lot T3T. Highly recommended for those who gonna visit Macau. Sheraton and Conrad ...

  • Trap at the Sarawak Immigration

    Trap at the Sarawak Immigration

    akiraceo.com 18 Aug '13, 6am

    A series of comic strip of Haru visiting Kuching, capital of Sarawak. It’s actually a compilation of incidents and stories of friends who visited Kuching. Since Malaysia Day is around the corner, maybe this series can help share a bit of info and story from this side of Malaysia Feder...

  • Miao&WafuPafu Soft Opening for those who needs a new case for CNY. Close tomorrow tho.

    Miao&WafuPafu Soft Opening Sales

    akiraceo.com 03 Feb '13, 6pm

    The actual opening of Miao&WafuPafu store would be somewhere after CNY. After that, the online store will handle the orders. Those who can wait or who wish to purchase with credit cards can proceed to wait until then. ^^It will available for nearby countries such as Brunei, Indonesia,...

  • I love you but why you did this to me??

    I love you but why you did this to me??

    akiraceo.com 13 May '13, 2pm

    I love you but why you did this to me?? Recently, I’m having weak tolerance over tea. A glass of Teh C (Milk Tea) or Teh C Peng special (3 layered tea) can keeps me awake till the next day. And coffee on the other hand has no effect on me anymore. And yesterday I had only 1 glass over...

    1. Love Is… smashpop.net 03 May '13, 9am
  • When Miao is a Kitten…

    When Miao was a Kitten…

    akiraceo.com 11 Mar '13, 10am

    Miao made his own rule. Blowing the food removes germs. XD It’s better than the 3 seconds rule. Honestly, who ever did this when he/she was small? Come admit, don’t be shy ———————————————————- On the side note, I will be in Penang this coming Friday for work for a week. ^^ I’m thinkin...

  • MiaoWafuPafu Credit Card (Part 1)

    MiaoWafuPafu Credit Card (Part 1)

    akiraceo.com 13 Mar '13, 12pm

    MiaoWafuPafu Credit Card (Part 1) Yes, we will help you!! We will help you carry your money and pay for you in advance!! . . Nuffnang is organizing a contest for a Youth Credit Card design. The winner gonna have the chance to win the following prizes: Grand Prize: Macbook Pro with Ret...

  • is a Pig.

    akiraceo.com 21 Jan '13, 12am

    Past is Past. Leave it or else.. Comic Blogger Gathering: The Girl in Charged. Comic Blogger Gathering: The Accident & the Flashback Comic Bloggers Gathering: Cycling before it’s cool. Comic Blogger Gathering: Miao Goes Cycling 2012 Recall and New Theme!! April 25th is my Paw5 Anniver...

  • It’s a Girl!!

    It’s a Girl!!

    akiraceo.com 07 Jul '13, 3am

    Hahaha… what a funny scene it was when the news is out there before Chicken Jack managed to announce on his own on his Facebook. Moral of the story: If there’s anything important, remember to announce yourself first before telling to your closed friends. XD hahah

  • PapaMiao found Emoticons and Stickers

    akiraceo.com 04 Oct '13, 3am

    PapaMiao found Emoticons and Stickers PapaMiao has changed! Shits Miao Says – 2 Someone slipped out in the middle of the night. Noob Miao: Skullcandy Headgear Miao to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre Happy Escape Day! A Time for Your Own Movie Dream to Come True Story from Malaysian Born...