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I blog about Usability, Startups, Product Management, UX, Mobile Apps, Islam.. and anything I find interesting enough to be blogged about.


  • Competition is for Losers 11 Oct '14, 6pm

    Peter Thiel is no stranger to Startup World. He is the co-founder of PayPal and investor in Facebook, Quora, Artsy, PandoDaily, AdRoll, Reddit and many more . He has an interesting viewpoint when it comes to Startups and how they should be managed, in order to be successful. For the p...

  • OhLife Alternative

    OhLife Alternative 21 Sep '14, 9am

    It’s a shame that OhLife is shutting down . If you didn’t know what it was, it was a service where it periodically (eg; daily, weekly, monthly, depending on what you choose) sent you an email asking “How was your day today?”. You would just reply back to the same email describing your...

  • How to watch World Cup 2014 online for free

    How to watch World Cup 2014 online for free 14 Jun '14, 8pm

    Some websites have rights to broadcast World Cup 2014 matches for free online. But the caveat is, these rights are tied to particular regions or countries. For example, Russia’s leading channel , streams all matches of World Cup for free as long as you are watching it within th...

  • Personal Theory: Top bloggers don’t read other blogs - 28 Mar '14, 9am

    I have this feeling that top bloggers do not really follow other blogs. I think they are too busy to read other blogs (probably busy with their own blogs or working on other projects). And even if they followed, I presumed that there must be only a handful of blogs that they really fo...

  • Ideas vs Execution vs the Founder

    Ideas vs Execution vs the Founder 08 Feb '14, 8pm

    You know why some startups that are working on some of the great ideas/products fail? You would think that they have a great idea, have a great team, and have a backing of the leading VC firms in the industry, but often times they end up in the dead pool after a few years. There are o...

  • Should you launch your product at a conference? 01 Oct '11, 11am

    TC Disrupt Beijing 2011 is around the corner, and Silicon Valley is Coming to Malaysia soon. Have you applied your product/startup for these conferences? I did… I have applied my – free service that allows bloggers to convert their blogs into iPhone and Android apps in just...

  • How to signup for Quora without invitation via @ades

    How to signup for Quora without invitation 30 Dec '11, 8am

    Have you been trying to signup for Quora but to no avail? Does this page look familiar? :) Well, good news is, there is a workaround for this! And it’s from Quora themselves. Recently Quora released its iPhone app in the appstore, which allows you to signup right on the app itself. Ho...

  • » Maximizing the Online World for the Offline Company » Maximizing the Online World for the Offline Company 14 Apr '11, 9pm

    Invest in your website. Managing the site properly takes time and effort. So don’t skimp on the resources you devote to site management. If your budget allows it, hire a full-time site manager who knows what he/she is doing - or even better, develop a web team. Make sure they have a w...

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