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  • Hiring the right people for your Startup

    Hiring the right people for your Startup - AdesBlog 27 Aug '15, 9am

    Note : You can jump to Personality Plus Test here if you are already familiar with the four temperaments that are discussed below. More and more companies are using Personality Tests to get the right people for the right positions. For example, if you are Technology Startup and hiring...

  • Jack Ma’s Advice to Entrepreneurs - AdesBlog 24 Aug '15, 4am

    Summary, with some paraphrasing; Before 20 years old – be a good student, gain experience. This is the time to take risks, fail and learn from your experiences. Before 30 years old – follow somebody, go to small company. Choose a good boss and not chase after a good company. You will ...

  • Securing the Web for Your Kids with OpenDNS - AdesBlog 22 Aug '15, 4pm

    Note: This is not a “technical” post, any parent can set this up to make the web little more secure for their kids. Read on.. I have three kids, all boys, eldest is 10 years old (Manas), followed by 7 years old (Aihan), and the youngest is 3 years old (Azat). Manas is now able to do h...

  • Bitcoin Use Case: Reward System for Content Promotion - AdesBlog 20 Aug '15, 4am

    One of the advantages of Bitcoin is in micropayments . It’s very convenient to send small amount of funds to others at nearly zero cost . So much so that the funds that you are sending itself could be near to zero. The same couldn’t be done with other electronic payment systems, say; ...

  • Book Review: How Google Works

    Book Review: How Google Works - AdesBlog 19 Aug '15, 3am

    My Rating: 6/10 How Google Works – Quite boring book to read to say the least. It’s written from 3rd person perspective too – referring to Eric Schmidt – “he did this and he did that..” which was kind of strange for me, since the book was supposedly written by Eric Schmidt himself (& ...

  • Snapchat at a Glance

    Snapchat at a Glance - AdesBlog 15 Jul '15, 7am

    Snapchat is becoming more than just a messaging app between teenagers. It’s transforming itself into a powerful media communication platform not only between users, but also between brands and users. What’s Snapchat? – Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. T...

  • Book Review: The Four Steps to the Epiphany

    Book Review: The Four Steps to the Epiphany - AdesBlog 04 Jul '15, 1pm

    The Four Steps to the Epiphany – It’s a must read book for all Tech Entrepreneurs. Newer version of the book is called The Startup Owner’s Manual . Author of the book Steve Blank, was the lecturer of Eric Ries who popularized the Lean Startup book/movement. This book will teach you ho...

  • Disruption in International Money Remittance is Imminent - AdesBlog 07 Mar '15, 9am

    As I tweeeted earlier, International Money Remitance has many pain points, main of them being the cost of sending money of course.. Fees for remittance, $100 from Malaysia to Kyrgyzstan: EFT $25, MoneyGram $19, WU $27. Undoubtedly the 1st industry to be disrupted by BTC — Abdylas Tyny...

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