1. 01 Nov '17, 12am

    @nitrogen921 Yeah that's the benefit of installment plans. Don't have to spend so much in one go as new phones are pretty much within the range of RM2k to 3k right now, how are fresh graduates gonna survive if that amount is almost equivalent to their one month salary?

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  2. 01 Nov '17, 12am

    @perlinehuiz But sometimes they have no choice tho, because it is too expensive to buy a new phone directly nowadays. So installments is the only choice that they have.

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  3. 23 Oct '17, 12pm

    Wanna ask is this Easyphone plan available for some of the latest smartphone models like Iphone 8 and Huawei Nova 2I? This article was posted two months ago so want to check is there any update on it.

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