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#Jumper EZbook 3 Pro Best Deals (AC WiFi & M.2 SSD)

#Jumper EZbook 3 Pro Best Deals (AC WiFi & M.2 SSD)

Hey guys, check out my Ultrabook – Jumper EZbook 3 Pro . In short, it is a clone budget MacBook Air with all metal – aluminum alloy housing. Powered by Intel Apollo Lake N3450 and loaded with licenced Microsoft Windows 10 Home. 6GB DDR3 RAM and 64GB eMMC as storage. Mine is the latest 3rd version model which has dual band AC WiFi and M.2 SSD slot for storage expansion. By the way, it has wide viewing angle 13.3 inch FHD IPS screen too. And this laptop was selling at GearBest during flash sales with crazy low price @ $219.99 (sub RM1000). Can you believe that? Wow!!! That’s my first impression. Jumper EZbook 3 Pro is way above my expectation for that price. Build quality is excellent with all metal casing. Great IPS display for every tasks including watching movie and photo editing. Great viewing angle as photo below. Okay. The crazy low price is gone. But you still can get...

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#Jumper EZbook 3 Pro #Hardware Tour

jayceooi.com 24 Jul '17, 5am

Jumper EZbook 3 Pro – 3rd version with dual band AC WiFi and M.2 SSD slot is one of the best laptop that you can get in ye...

128GB #Transcend MTS400 M.2 #SSD Review

128GB #Transcend MTS400 M.2 #SSD Review

jayceooi.com 23 Jul '17, 2am

Transcend MTS400 M.2 SSD shock and vibration-resistant are perfect for notebook and other mobile computing devices. Mechan...

Air Foamposite Pro – SoleFly

Air Foamposite Pro – SoleFly

solefly.com 29 Jul '17, 1pm

Regular price $ 230.00 Sale Color EGGPLANT Size 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 13 14 EGGPLANT / 8 EGGPLANT / 8.5 EGGPLANT ...

Is This the Best Nike Kyrie 3 Yet?

Is This the Best Nike Kyrie 3 Yet?

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On the move in more ways than one, Kyrie Irving is currently having a ball with his brand over in Asia. Coming into this p...

Intel is No.2

Intel is No.2

electronicsweekly.com 27 Jul '17, 10pm

On Wednesday Samsung reported Q2 chip revenues of $15.7 billion. Intel’s slip to No.2 had been widely predicted in the wak...

#OpensToday #MonMonMonMonstersSG [M] [D] (NC16 - Violence), get tix:

#OpensToday #MonMonMonMonstersSG [M] [D] (NC16 ...

shaw.sg 27 Jul '17, 5am

Shu-wei Lin – a gifted student that enjoys being a tattletale – has long been bullied by all of his classmates; the notori...

A #robot that detects #WiFi and looks awesome! The Wi-Fi Eye by @JediJeremy

A #robot that detects #WiFi and looks awesome! ...

allaboutcircuits.com 25 Jul '17, 10pm

Everything is configured through a web admin interface. You can mark other Wi-Fi devices as "friend" or "foe", or assign t...

Armani folds diffusion lines into 3 primary brands as sales decline

Armani folds diffusion lines into 3 primary bra...

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#Beelink Mini #PC Best Deals

#Beelink Mini #PC Best Deals

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Yeah… Its best deal alert again. This round is mini PC from Beelink. All of them are loaded with Microsoft Windows 10 oper...

The best iPhone 7 deals in Singapore this month

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For Singapore, we've focused on three main selling points when it comes to iPhone 7 plans — the best budget option, the bi...