29 Jun '17, 8am

#MINIX NEO U9-H Stock #Firmware

#MINIX NEO U9-H Stock #Firmware

is a feature-packed and well performed Amlogic S912H Android TV Box. And highly maintained by MINIX support team as well. Therefore, there are lot of official stock firmware comes out from time to time. You can upgrade it by using OTA method. Or download MINIX NEO U9-H stock firmware and install it with USB flashing tool. Not all firmware are free from bugs. So having the chance to downgrade / upgrade firmware is great to get the best ROM that suit you most.

Full article: http://www.jayceooi.com/minix-neo-u9-h-stock-firmware/




jayceooi.com 29 Jun '17, 6am

Thanks MINIX for the latest firmware on their MINIX NEO U9- H Android TV Box. Yes, FW005 firmware is the one. It has lot o...

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