29 May '17, 3pm

What’s Video Walla? Xpax’s video streaming data explained https://t.co/kMXWTK3myH

Less than a week ago, Celcom introduced a couple of new media-centric features to its prepaid Xpax (and postpaid) subscribers. Urging you to “Be more Walla!,” Celcom’s Video Walla and Music Walla is all about unlimited entertainment without worrying about consuming your data quota. Let’s see what this is all about. In a nutshell, Video Walla gives you extra data for all your video streaming needs. This means, you do not use your existing prepaid data. Sounds good so far right? So, how much does it cost? There are two options – daily or weekly. For the daily option, it costs just MYR1 per day and you’ll be allocated 1GB of data for video streaming. The weekly option is even more awesome. For just MYR7 per week , you’ll get a whopping 10GB of data . This means, if you were to subscribe to the plan every week, that will give you 40GB of data in a month. The weekly plan is als...

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  1. 17 Jul '17, 3am

    hey ya , thats true also .
    Even the promotion is ended , but they still giving the plan with cheapest price for us ya ..what else lets subscribe it .N the most attracted me is they still offered this with an attractive music and video partners like iflix , youtube ,astro go for the video ler..

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  2. 17 Jul '17, 2am

    of course ,its still worth it thats why people still looking for this plan ,
    even the promo is end bt price for the plan is still cheap and the partnership all still the speed line also still good and they giving more data compared to others ler .just give a try

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  3. 17 Jul '17, 2am

    i dont understand why still people subscribe this video and music plan even the promotion is end .. is that still worth it ? the partnership is tht still same ??
    last time i wana to subscribe due to exam and final project i nvr buy this plan ...any suggestion guys , if its still worth it i will buy the plan ...anyone still using this plan ?

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  4. 14 Jul '17, 2pm

    chloeang0011, if can unlimited stream music online i dun think need to download the song dy.

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  5. 14 Jul '17, 2pm

    @angel9191lim, now only i know xpax user also can subscribe iflix use walla plan, previously i tot only celcom first platinum can use, becoz they entitled to 1 year free subscription on iflix if use walla plan.

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  6. 13 Jul '17, 11am

    @Fahren, I agree with your opinion. I also think that the price of this data plan is affordable and it is worth as compared to other telecommunications service provider.

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  7. 13 Jul '17, 10am

    @chloeangoo11, at this pricing is ald affordable....
    can get 40GB for videos a moth with just RM28, isn't it worth?

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  8. 13 Jul '17, 9am

    @chloeang0011, there are many others partners that can stream. for instance JOOX, Yonder Music, kkbox.
    Maybe spotify will be coming out later

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  9. 12 Jul '17, 3pm

    @ Garetf, fm channel apps is same with radio, prefer apps like spotify, can stream music and download as well.

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  10. 12 Jul '17, 3pm

    @ PP, no speed cap but no more double data promotion, now one week will cost rm7 with just 10gb video data.

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  11. 12 Jul '17, 1pm

    Wow, What a great deal! Let's start to subscribe this plan now~

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  12. 11 Jul '17, 9am

    This one is no speed cap for video resolution, it's good
    There're also numerous partners

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  13. 11 Jul '17, 9am

    @angel9191lim @chankailing95 , there're also JOOX, Raku, KKBox and some fm channel app for the music Walla

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  14. 10 Jul '17, 3pm

    as i know this walla is partner with youtube, dailymotion, dim sum and iflix, etc,
    you can check in their official website.

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  15. 10 Jul '17, 2pm

    is much cheaper than postpaid plan,
    does it apply to all apps or only certain apps can use this video walla?

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