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Pirq Malaysia – a free app that brings you instant deals on the go! by @wackybecky #lifestyle #blog

Pirq Malaysia – a free app that brings you instant deals on the go! by @wackybecky #lifestyle #blog

Just like everyone else, I’m a fan of group buys. Savings are one reason, another is simply because some of the offers offered are pretty nifty gadgets and useful stuffs! I usually buy mine from Groupon as their redemption, delivery and quality of products from their vendors were satisfactory so far. Unfortunately, as someone who’s always on the go, I lacked the free time to actually sit down and plan my time to redeem the vouchers I bought! I can’t tell you how many has gone to waste just because I didn’t claim them on time. Over the recent weekend I was recommended this Pirq (http://pirq.com.my/) app, a mobile application that allows users to redeem deals while on the go; so meaning cutting out the hassle from printing vouchers, pre-paying for deals and making advance bookings.

Full article: http://www.rebeccasaw.com/pirq/


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