30 May '15, 2am

Recent Post: Restaurant Review : Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen @ Bangsar

SRS Kitchen also offers a selection of cooked oysters on their menu, 3 pcs freshly shucked oysters (RM 35) grilled with your choice of topping, from Oysters Florentine (Spinach & Parmesan), Oysters with Cheese (Shredded Cheddar) or Oriental Oysters (Soya sauce, chilli padi, Ginger). The last one sounds interesting enough for me to make a mental note to try next time. Considering I’m not a fan of freshed oysters, but is a fan of the local version of O Chien (fried oysters omelette), I might like their cooked oysters variety?

Full article: http://winniekepala.com/2015/05/restaurant-review-souther...


Southern Rock Seafood, Bangsar

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