15 Jun '12, 9am

"@vernieman: Just in: ChikaPowWow: Source of Thrills and Deals - #in" @ChikaPowWow

"@vernieman: Just in: ChikaPowWow: Source of Thrills and Deals - #in" @ChikaPowWow

Just barely a couple of weeks old, ChikaPowWow (CPW) has been a source of fun and unbelievably cheap deals for people who love to indulge in online shopping. CPW, of course, is a little different from conventional online shopping sites. It’s an innovative auction site that introduces some fun, exciting features for users. I’ve been participating in CPW auctions since it kicked off last month.

Full article: http://vernonchan.com/2012/06/chikapowwow-source-of-thril...


Awesome deals

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Open Source Rails

opensourcerails.com 17 Jun '12, 1am

Open Source Rails is a community site dedicated to tracking the best open source Ruby on Rails applications.

#luckydraw Name-the-restaurant that features this meaty dish, hint: see our dining deals

#luckydraw Name-the-restaurant that features th...

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68% off 8-Course Japanese Fine Dining at Kitagawa Restaurant – Includes Sashimi, Tempura, Salmon Belly & Teppanyaki (Choos...

Visa Exclusive Deals

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