07 Jun '12, 3am

Official Music Video Lagu Sejak Kau Ada SANTHAWAN | Sensasi Selebriti: @santhawan

Santha’s first debut single, Sejak Kau Ada, a modern pop genre already has some radio airplay on Hot FM & Era FM. Besides, she wanted to ensure that the radio station didn’t play her single just once and forget about it so she began promoting on Facebook and Twitter. Santa said that besides Sejak Kau Ada being a catchy song, there’s some novelty in the fact that she’s a Thai and able to speak in Malay very well. The single is available for download on Maxis, Celcom, Digi and Umobile.

Full article: http://www.budiey.com/official-music-video-lagu-sejak-kau...


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