28 Nov '14, 2am

Jeep Grand Cherokee launched in Malaysia – RM469k

At what is essentially the price of a BMW X5 (yes, I know the GC is as large as the X5) it is very very steep, considering the BMW has a better power train (smaller engine – friendly road tax, turbos help in torque), the X5 is much nicer inside than the GC (based on the GC available in Australia), and would most likely drive better. It’s not to say the GC is a bad car – far from it, it is just, at the 500k price point, you must be really REALLY good, because at that price, don’t forget, the Porsche Macan (about 480k after options), Range Rover Evoque (the cheapest before options in the 400-500k range), X5, Q7 (just above 500k) are all really good and while the Evoque and Macan are smaller, they present more desirable options than the Jeep.

Full article: http://paultan.org/2014/11/28/jeep-grand-cherokee-launched/


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paultan.org 28 Nov '14, 2am

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